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How drunk will i get if i take a 50ml shot of crown royale whiskey?

Asked by bassist_king1 (310points) April 10th, 2008

im going to a party this weekend and were planning on getting a bunch of those little 50ml crown royale whiskey bottles, and each taking them as a shot. the bottle says 40% alcohol. is it alright to drink that much alcohol in just one shot? how much can u drink before u get alcohol poisoning?

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How tall are you and how much do you weigh? Also how old are you? You should NEVER compete when you drink. That’s how people get alchohol poisoning. They think they can handle it and find out the hard way they cannot.

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depends on how tough your liver is. drink til you puke.

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about 6’0, 120 pounds (yes im scrawny lol) and 16 (yea im underage, whatever)

does anyone else ever feel perfectly fine when theyre drunk and repeatedly say i dont even feel drunk, or i feel like i need more, yet your already stumbling around and falling and spilling your drink? lol

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At 16, I don’t feel comfortable giving you any advice on drinking, because you are too young, but I will tell you this much: Whiskey will drop you to your knees without warning. There is no such thing as a “tough liver”. With your weight, you could get drunk much faster than the beefier guys, so do not try to out drink them. You really shouldn’t be drinking at all, but I know that advise will fall on deaf ears. If you are stumbling around, that is when you know you have had enough. If you continue to drink after that point, you will regret it. Whiskey sick is not fun at all.

Please watch this video before you go and think about your ride home:

Edited because I posted the wrong link

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I totally agree with scamp. Don’t start drinking yet. That is what College is for.


Plan to sleep over if you drink. You can look at for some info about how fast alcohol will effect you at your weight. It looks like two drinks and you will be legally drunk and those bottles are you equal to 1.5 drinks.

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I’m 5’6 and weigh 125. Whisky is my favorite and I’ve been know to drink a half gallon, on my own in one night. I’m of age though, mind you. Anyways, it all depends on your genes and tollarance. I have a stupid saying that goes “it’s not a party untill I puke the first time.” Just take it slow and listen to the signals your body is giving you. Please be careful also.

“Legal drunk” is a different story though. What ever you do, DO NOT under ANY circumstances drive! Even if you just have one drink!

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Did you watch the video?

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Randy, with all due respect, I really wish you didn’t mention that you could drink a half gallon of whiskey. All braggadoccio aside, this just gives young inexperienced drinkers the idea that “hey, maybe I can drink that much too!”


I’ve seen guys sent to the hospital for alcohol poisoning and it ain’t pretty…

But hell, if puking, shitting your pants and getting your stomach pumped is your idea of having fun, knock yourself out.

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I see your point. It wasn’t ment to brag. I was trying to get the point across that everyone is different on what they can handle. For instance, I can take all that whisky, but one drink of vodka and I’m down and out. I did mention that he needed to take it slow and watch for the signals his body gives him. I’m sorry if it came out the wrong way.

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noted. Thanks for the clarification!

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Scamp is right. Whisky is a real sneaker.
You’ll have plenty of time for booze in your 20’s.

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i had 5 shots of jack in one night. along with 4 legit jello shots and 3 beers. and i hardly felt a thing. but everyone is different. my friend sara is such a lightweight and would have yakked if she drank as much as i did that night.

somehow.. i think youll be fine.

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I’ll just share that in college I drank 7 or 8 shots of whiskey in about 30 minutes. I ended up in the emergency room later that night with a dislocated shoulder sustained due to some unofficiated wrestling.

If you must drink, don’t do shots. Pace yourself. Get your buzz going and nurse it along. Let one of your not-as-smart buddies be the story of passing out and sleeping in his own puke.

Realize, too, that depending on how far you take it, you will probably still be drunk the next day.

Regarding your question about perceiving whether you are drunk, what can happen is that you feel fine if you’ve been sitting down for a long period of time, until you stand up which can trigger feeling hammered in an awful hurry.

Okay, so 50 ml comes out to about 1.7 ounces. I’d say if you had one you’d be okay, although you’ll probably puke it up.

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It depends on a lot of things. Weight, Height, Gender, and particularly heritage.

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In my community, drinking and driving (w/o seat belts) is the activity of choice for many of the HS crowd on Sat. nights. Every year we have several deaths and several young people in jail for manslaughter…there is one 18 yr old who lived but is a quadriplegic. Not so much fun in hindsight.

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whats heritage got to do with it? is it true indians and irish people drink more ?

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smoke pot. ditch the liquor.

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Buster, its actually very interesting but some people metabolize alcohol faster depending on how long their culture has had it…
What do you think beer came from?
Its a way of storing vast amounts of calories for long periods of time. If an irish dock worker were tanked after one beer he’d either starve to death, or die working.

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I have a bunch of Irish in me. You can look at my other responses and see what I said earlier. So to some degree, I’d say heritage has a lot to do with it.

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Im Russian, to me, most vodkas are gross. Go figure.

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Its not about you liking it or not, its about how fast you can metabolize it. ;)

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Sorry, forgot to add… It gets me just as drunk as other liquors. Though, for some reason, Im immune to tequila.

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wear a helmet!

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6’0, 120 pounds ?? Have a sandwich, not a shot.

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You are just going to get sick if you drink to much and if you are not careful you are going to pass out and if you pass out and you could end up like my cousin and puking and choking and then passing on to the heavens.
You should not have a drinking contest until you are old enough to know what it is going to do to you.
You seriously run the risk of messing up a few good days.
At your weight and your age, I would say don’t drink anymore than 2 an hour or you will end up being that guy from the high school party that everyone talks about. Like my cousin or you will be the example on Fluther in ten years when another 16 year old asks this same question.
Please do not rush in to something that really is not that big of a deal anyway.
Being drunk is not as fun as it sounds. Wait, please wait and if you don’t then atleast have some sense about it and don’t drink too much.

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I had a friend named ‘James’.
James thought he was brave, and knocked back three tall shots of Jack Daniels.
I thought he could handle it, because we drank alot together / at parties and such.

There was more alcohol than blood, in his system and he died at the party from alcohol poisoning.

Be careful.
Have fun, get wasted but know your limit.

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“Sorry, forgot to add… It gets me just as drunk as other liquors. Though, for some reason, Im immune to tequila.”

I guess you’re not drinking enough.
Or not drinking good tequila.

Jose Cuervo would put me down faster than any glass of vodka you can offer.

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depends on how much you can drink. Two summers ago my shot of choice was Crown and I will say there were nights I probably drank ten, on top of beers, not to say I wasn’t wasted but I didn’t puke or anything haha. Just realize your limits and when you think your getting too drunk stop. Many people just don’t know how to do this but it’s no that hard…

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Here’s something funny: when I was 20 I drank vast amounts of alcohol every single day. We’re talking bottles here. Everybody thought I was an alcoholic, but I wasn’t. I just drank a lot, and never got drunk. I’d win drinking competitions all the time. And have an absolutely clear head. Then one day this woman tried (and eventually managed) to get me drunk. It took 17 B-52s (long drink quantity, not shots), 1 screwdriver, a full bottle of vodka, about 200–300ml of Blue Curacao and of course my usual quota of tequilas, schnapps and whatnot (some 2–3 bottles). I had a horrible hangover, vomitted, walked home and the next day could feel this really bad taste in my mouth. I quit drinking instantly. Now, some 15+ years later, I cannot even handle one glass of booze anymore…go figure!

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Hey Man,
Lay off the whiskey. I’m 17. But when i was 15 i was like you. Interested enough in the mystery of alcohol to ask everyone i know how drunk i will get if i drink a certain amount of alcohol (yet thankfully not stupid enough to actually ask people on the internet like an idiot). But there’s a point to me calling you an idiot, because if you actually explore the world of alcohol as heavily as it looks like you might, you’ll end up in the hospital, like i did, because i decided since i was a freshman i had to be cool and drink 3 beers and 7 shots of hard alcohol in less than an hour, sending my b.a.c. to over .2 and almost dying. Then, for the next two months, by order of the police, because i was at a party, and therefor “publicly intoxicated” and a minor, had to go to A.A. meetings and do community service and write an essay to the owners of the house i partied at apologizing. And that was just so my record wouldn’t have anything to do with underage drinking on it. Not the most fun months of my life. Not to mention the embarrassment of making a fool out of my self by ruining the party by getting the cops called to the guys house. Luckily, unlike most people, i didn’t see that night as “awesome” and saw it as the worst night ever. I now it sounds cliche but DRINK RESPONSIBLY! i dont even know you but i feel like i should at least prevent something like that from happening to anyone. Be smart dude. Just drink enough to have fun. At least until your 21. And then do whatever you want.

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