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How pissed are you when you find out you've been ripped off?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23098points) January 11th, 2011

My doctor wanted me to try Wellbutrin before Chantix to help me quit smoking…

Walgreens was going to charge me $140 for generic Wellbutrin, but told me if I paid $20 to join the drug discount plan, it would only cost $38. So of course I joined, bringing my total cost to $58.

I just found out that Walmart pharmacy only charges $36 for the same prescription, without paying to join a drug discount plan.

I am so uber pissed right now that I can’t even think straight.

Are you allowed to return unopened prescriptions? Greedy bastards.

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I would yell as long and loud as I could till I got my $20 back from the bullshit drugs discount plan. I think all these discount cards are bullshit. Are there really that many stupid people out there.

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I just called them, and no, apparently you can not return unopened prescriptions. So apparently I’m just SOL. This time. Screw them if they think they’ll ever get another penny from me though.

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Can you get the $20 back? I would say give us their phone number but that might be too much info about where you live to publish online. I know we can all call our local ones and raise hell. lol

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Most people here (I think?) already know I live in Texas, and I don’t think anyone here…crosses fingers… is planning to stalk me, so sure, call em up and tell them they’re greedy if you want.

*OK, so I edited out their number, because I’m too paranoid I’ll get sued for harassment. I already called and bitched them out for it, so if other people called, it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out who gave them the idea to call…

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One day, I woke up and decided that I wanted pigs.
I drove to a farm that was selling baby pot-bellies and was told that they were miniature or teacup pot-bellies and wouldn’t grow past the size of a medium sized dog if given the appropriate food.
I was sold – so I bought two of them – brother and sister.

Funny thing is, over the years, they kept growing and growing and growing. Absolutely hilarious. Not.
And it’s not like I can give them back.

But ya know what? Even though they’re the size of my fucking house now, I can’t be upset. I love them waay too much! But the bitch who owned the farm didn’t have to lie to me. XD

@WillWorkForChocolate Sorry about your experience. Stuff like that pisses me off too, but at least now you’re aware for next time, even though it took getting ripped off to learn. :/

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We live and learn. And yes, that would piss me off too. But I learned along time ago to ask, probe, challenge, be skeptical and have a healthy suspicion. Write a letter to the company and tell them your business depends on their answer. It sometimes actually works.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Deal like that are meant to take advantage of consumers who don’t know where to find a better deal. They do stuff like that hoping that consumers take the first deal they see.
My theory of how it works- People who see the very high original price and assume it is the standard price. They then inquire (or are informed) about a better deal. When informed about a better deal, the consumer jumps to the conclusion that this is a very good deal, because the haven’t realised that the original price was as overpriced as it is. The consumer thes needs to decide to either take the deal or leave. The company hopes that the consumer feels like they need to make the choice on the spot, and that the comsumer thinks this is a one-time opputunity. If this is the case, the consumer would most likely take the deal. The smart thing for the consumer to do is to compare prices with different companies and then decide where to buy (the deal’s not going anywhere).
To answer the actual question, I feel annoyed when I see ads for things that I know are rip-offs.

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Wtf? I’d be so pissed too. But anyway, you could read Alan Carr’s easy way to stop smoking. It got me, my mother and my brother off cigarettes. Good luck with stopping smoking, it’s worth it.

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I liked josies’ letter idea. Send a letter to the company telling them you’ll never spend a penny in their store if you don’t hear anything and then do it. A car dealer ripped off my s/o when we were just starting our adult lives. He’s never seen a penny of business from me and he (and the other dealers) knows why. I found out about it after the loan was paid off so I couldn’t do anything at the time it happened.

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Yes, @josie

A firm letter stating your displeasure and the insinuation that not only will you boycott their store but…you will also spread the word to friends and family, well…may or may not work, but, it’s worth a try.

Something along the lines of

” I am confident you are eager to retain my business and that of my extended network of friends and family.”

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Or a jelly petition.

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I’m sorry but…. I hate to be the devils advocate
Business is Business…..unfortunately if the shopper doesn’t look for the best price it’s not the company you bought the product from fault you paid more…and there usually is a reason why the prices are higher at one store vs the other….

speaking from experience as a store owner

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@coffeenut, I disagree, This is like bundling which is not legal with the FTC. I’m surprised it has not been made illegal. I bet there are some interesting cases challenging it. @WillWorkForChocolate, You could tell them that you are going to report them to the Federal Trade Commision if they don’t refund your $20 Discount Plan Fee. Have you talked to the store manager yet or moved up to the district manager. I would really like to think you pursue this out of principle, but wouldn’t think less of you if you just want to move on with life.

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@coffeenut I can understand that, BUT a difference between $36 and $140? I don’t freakin think so. There’s no good reason for that, other than pure greed.

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It gauging!!!!!

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@WillWorkForChocolate Besides Walmart….how much is this product in other stores?

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also…you didn’t pay $140, you paid $58

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You could also read the Terms and Conditions that come with the Walgreens drug plan…

….“If you purchased your membership directly from Walgreens: You may cancel your membership within 30 days of signing up for a full refund of your membership fees. Please see your local Walgreens pharmacist to cancel your membership and receive an in-store refund. Your Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Card will then be collected by the Walgreens pharmacist, and a new Walgreens Card will be issued for any other remaining programs you remain a participant in. If the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is cancelled for any reason by Walgreens, you will be given a full refund of the current annual membership fee.”

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@coffeenut It was the fact that they were going to charge $140 for the same prescription that got me angry. It was also the fact that I can get the prescription for $2 less, without being part of a drug savings plan. And I can get it for the same cost at my grocery store’s pharmacy. $36.

Yes, I plan to get my $20 back from paying for the discount plan yesterday.

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@willworkforChocolate Here is the link for the FTC complaint form.

Take it with you if you have to sit down with the manager or district manager to intice them to act appropriately.

Oh and one more thing, I was getting cheated out of a rebate one time and when I mentioned filing in small claims court that all of a sudden became real cooperative and got me my rebate. Think about it you can do this locally and for a small fee, but they have to travel and send a high priced lawyer or at least pay an employee to go through the process. The more I think about it you should ask for the $20 club fee back and the price difference ($2 right).

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@Season_of_Fall Meh, not horribly concerned about the $2 difference, but I will be getting the $20 back. And I’ll have my prescription transferred to either Walmart or my grocery store pharmacy.

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