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The shooting this week of the Congresswoman and others, was it a case of lax gun control or lax mental health laws?

Asked by MissPoovey (893points) January 11th, 2011

My sympathies go to the family of the deceased. I wish they didn’t have to go thru this terrible time.
I am wondering if the jellies would tell me their opinions.
The shooting this week of the Congresswoman and others, was it a case of lax gun control or lax mental health laws? Or a third answer, the one I am leaning towards, is that if you gather enough people atleast one will be crazy.

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But crazy people are just crazy not mass murderers without access to a gun.

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Are you saying more or better gun control laws? Or are you saying the crazy people should be somewhere they cannot get to items that kill? Or is that your critique of my question/opinion?

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It was a case of someone with mental issues not receiving care when he should have, but hind sight is 20/20 and all the little things that he did in the past seem to make more sense now than when they were happening because of the shooting. The same thing happened after the Ft. Hood shooting, people came out and started pointing to things he said and did that they should have “seen” as a warning sign. Those things are just more obvious after the person snaps.

If he was hell bent on doing this, he would’ve either found a gun one way or another or came up with a different plan if he couldn’t get a gun. I don’t think it’s due to relaxed gun control laws or relaxed mental health laws. It’s just a sad case of someone with mental illness that slipped through the cracks until they snapped, taking people down with them.

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So your opinion is mental illness, just snapped.
Hmm, the huffington post said that 45 percent of mental health patients were cut off in the congresswomans district.
You could be right.

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I think that gun control laws need to be strengthened.

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@MissPoovey I think something made him snap in order to do what he did. It’s obvious that he has a mental illness, exactly what, who really knows at this point since last I heard he was barely talking to anyone since he was arrested.

Mental illness has a very wide spectrum. It alone does not mean someone will do what he did. What do you mean by “45% of mental health patients were cut off”?

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He could be a sociopath, I suppose. They tend to be very smart. I don’t think you can blame it on gun laws or the mental health system. This is a unique situation, and the only way one might have avoided it is to have institutions report erratic behavior and have police follow up on it. I doubt that would have made a difference.

These things will happen and they will always surprise us. We can lash out and vastly increase security on the members of Congress, but it isn’t going to save any of them. The security will relax, and something will happen again, in who knows how many years.

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