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What would you do if you knew that the world would end tomorrow?

Asked by jessyamr (143points) January 11th, 2011

Who will you stay with till this happen? What would you say to him/her? What is the last impression you would like to leave? (I know they would be ended too, but I am only talking as sharing last moments together). What are the last things you would like to do?

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Say ‘goodbye, I love you’ to as many friends and relatives as possible. I’d also stay indoors because there’d be total panic i n the streets.

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My Mum will be hoping i’d be wearing clean pants….at least at first :¬)

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I would be with friends that would come together and family that want to continue as well.
I would wait to be taken off the Earth so that it could burn as it will and then be very excited to start the rebuilding of it.

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I’d set fire to my neighbors house and shoot them in the ass with buckshot as they ran out the front door.

I’d then give my 14 year old the keys to the car and tell him to take his brother for their first and last joy ride of their making and after that would be a private moment or two alone with my special little lady. ;)

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Whatever the hell I wanted! Who’s gonna stop me?

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Gloriously take my glorious Bat’leth and engage in glorious combat against my glorious mortal enemies gloriously resulting in a glorious and honourable death, so my everlasting glorious Klingon soul can gloriously enter glorious Sto’Vo’Kor.

just gloriously kidding, I gloriously will be the glorious cause of glorious armageddon ^__^

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Probably sort out my personal and spiritual affairs.

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Nothing, be with my family – that kind of an inevitable thing would make me say ‘okay, let’s see what happens, it’s been good.’

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Kaplach! Let us bring glory to the Empire!

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Glory to the Empire!

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Let the chips fall as they may. I would have no regrets. I would spend my last hours with my family, just at home, and quiet.

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Go get my wife and kids and hang out. Maybe see a movie.

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I’d call @Austinlad (but maybe not be able to get through with all the phonecalls he’s making?!)

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Prepare myself for the fit of laughter after the false alarm.

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I can tell you what I wouldn’t be doing, for sure. I wouldn’t be doing the laundry or buying groceries.

If I only ‘suspected’ that the world would end tomorrow, then I might actually stock up on groceries. So a lot depends on the quality of the information.

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Drive like fucking batshit crazy awesome stars, that’s what.

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Call my family members and go from there.

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Be with family for a big dinner with wine and laughter and hugs!

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I’d make plans to watch the news coverage of it with my loved ones on our new home planet, Brianus! :-D

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Being the old sceptic that I am I wouldn’t entirely believe it and I would carry on as normal though I would call my friends and relatives just in case. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see the sun come up the next morning, but they day after that? Well who knows.

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Not to worry, @Harple. You’ll be sitting right next to me !!!

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I’d cuddle up with my significant other and my dogs telling them all how very much I love them.

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I’d probably just party =/ Get some of my real close friends, head down the strip (I live in Vegas), and just go all out till the end.

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I’d tell the world, especially everyone that I hold near and dear exactly how I feel about them and everything else.

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I would be with anybody I cared about who were nearby blowing it out in a mega expensive feast/party/major drunk and online to those I care about that I could not reach in person. I would take my animals to the restaurant too [if any were open] so they would not die alone. I would assume that so many others were doing the same thing that it would be one big bon voyage party in the streets, bars, clubs, and restaurants.
And if the sun came up tomorrow and set again as usual, I would have one hell of a credit card bill!
@Austinlad hope you and Harpie are together before Armageddon! :-)
@ucme I wouldn’t worry about the clean underwear. Whaddaya expect, an ambulance ride to the hospital where the nurses will all see your tighty whities [or brownies as the case may be]?

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Pray I have enough time to call everyone who is most dear to me and tell them I love them and then cuddle with my family and pray that those that are not with me are not alone when it all happens. My son is miles away so I would be heart broken if I couldn’t be with him.
This is too depressing.
I’m out!

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I would probably get a few final things off my chest with people I have been placating, since it won’t matter which bridges I burn at that point.

Then I would snuggle up in my house, surrounded by my family and my pets, and squeeze the last bit of love out of those final hours.

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I’d smoke a cigarette and sit on the throne for one last time.

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@anartist Funny thing is, I don’t wear any at all. She will be pleased…

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I would travel home, be with my family. I would like it to be a normal day. Just my family and I maybe playing outside…taking a walk in the woods, a good dinner with laughs. In the evening we would say our goodnights, pray, stay together in love and go in peace….

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Challenge the claim that the world would end tomorrow. It hasn’t done that for the past 4.57 billion years. So why tomorrow?

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I would blame Asmonet,

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