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Do you see that this could possibly be a serious problem with SKYPE?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36142points) January 11th, 2011

To take a semester exam the student has to be onsite or on SKYPE so’s we can watch them. So far everyone has elected to come on site, and I’ve never used SKYPE before except for a few test runs with a tech months and months ago. Well, today I had a student who wanted to use SKYPE, so they went out and bought the camera and software. We were on the phone with each other, both of us kind of fumbling around trying to get connected. We were making some progress when suddenly I was looking at HIS computer screen on my screen! I told them what I was seeing and asked if the camera was pointed at the screen. It was not. I was a little freaked out, and thought perhaps I was mistaken. I watched for a moment more as their mouse scurried around, then I said, “OK, you have your homework in the background…um, English II, but you have SKYPE in the foreground and you’re clicking on ABC.”
He said, “Yes! That’s exactly what we’re doing!”
I said, “Yup. I can see your screen and I’m outta here!”
I X’d out (still on the phone with him.) It was something they did unawares…and to me, that’s just not a good thing.
What are your thoughts on this?
Also…do you think this is something I should bring to my boss’s attention?

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Why are you yelling “Skype” for?

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Uh…I thought it was a ACRONYM? Mods…you can fits that please? Which will make my dear kenmc look like a crazy person at the same time? Please? I didn’t ask for anything for Christmas….

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Skype has a feature where you can share your screen with the other person so that’s probably the feature your student clicked on whether he realized it or not.

Sometimes I’ll share my screen when working on stuff online with my business partner.

So, it’s not a serious problem if you’re aware that you’re sharing your screen.

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@Vunessuh That’s the conclusion I came to. However, it seems to me that there should be some sort of alert for the person who may have inadvertently “shared” their screen….

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When you share your screen with someone else, a screen pops up on your computer showing you what the other person is viewing. So he should have seen that his screen was on your computer. I honestly don’t see how your student missed it because unless you minimize the box or move it off your screen, it shows up over all other content as a way to alert you. At least, that’s been my personal experience with it every time.

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Thanks…in this case, though, we weren’t able to match all of our p’s and q’s…couldn’t get the video to work. If it DID come up it’s quite possible that he didn’t realize what he was looking at.

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