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Are there Wikileaks pertaining to UFOs?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) January 11th, 2011

Have any of the Wikileaks documents, so far, mentioned anything about UFOs?

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Not that Im aware of, mostly their long and and boring and expose nothing we didn’t already know.
It would be cool to see some good ones turn up though.

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Maybe you should make the first? :)

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I will wait and see what they actually say, when or if they are ever released.

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I’ve read on the net that there are supposed to be some ufo pages in with the files wikileaks got. Who knows though. I hope if they do have ufo pages they release them.

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Just heard something about this, actually. Assange said in an interview that he was sitting on some UFO related material as a threat to keep the U.S. government from doing anything nasty. It might be part of his “insurance package”.

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I’ll bet “UFO’s” will turn out to be the early prototypes of planes like this.

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@gorillapaws I don’t doubt it. I just wanted to confirm whether or not they were going to release any documents pertaining to them at all.

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Not yet….could be soon

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It’s all about UFOs. Julian Assange is an alien, sent to Earth to create chaos and civil unrest. When humanity is distracted completely, his space armies will descend upon us and kill/assimilate our species and loot the planet. They will use their plunder to pay for their war against the Romulans.

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