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Did I break my wrist?

Asked by HL2DeadPants (30points) January 11th, 2011 from iPhone

I was snowbording and I fell really hard on my left wrist. There was alot of swelling and now below my thumb there is a purple spot that covers part of my wrist and arm. I can’t pick anything up, and it hurts to move! My dad won’t take me to the doc because he says it’s only a sprain I think I broke it! Did I? P.S. I can move it but it hurts to also I can move all my fingers but it hurts some to move my thumb. This happen about 4–5 days ago and the pain is the same!

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It might be broken. Tell your dad that it really needs to be checked out.

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Can you move fingers? Can’t you go to hospital?

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The only way to tell for sure if it’s broken or not is to get an xray. If you have any numbness or paralysis (inability to move) in your fingers, you should really be seen.

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No way to tell without an x-ray.

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If your dad really won’t take you, show your mom and I’m sure she’ll freak out and take you right away. If that still doesn’t work, call a close friend from that iPhone and have them take you (or drive yourself if you can). You’d better get it checked out.

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Hands are pretty important. Id get it checked out asap.

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Yep, must have an Xray to determine if it is broken.
Even a bad sprain needs attention. You can develop blood clots from sprains and breaks, and it is also possible there are multiple fractures. You better get yourself to an ER stat!

In the meanwhile keep it elevated, immobilized and on ice!

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This link might help both you and your dad determine whether you should go to the ER and see a doctor right away… or wait until morning.

Either way, you should be seeing a doctor. If he wants to argue, have him PM me – I’m a dad, too. It’s very likely that cost of treatment is an issue for him. If so, remind him that having you potentially handicapped for life is a bad trade-off for saving a few bucks now.

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Go to the hospital now. I waited 9 days to go when I broke my foot and by that time it was a nasty, displaced break. It will only get worse. The longer you wait the more likely you’ll need surgery, not to mention it’s probably getting worse by the day.

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Tell your dad surgery will be much more expensive than setting it without if it’s too late.

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Well it turns out I did break my wrist, doc says I will need a cast dont know for how long though!

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Well there you go, who would have thought it?
I hope it heals nicely for you.
I broke my wrist once, never had any problems since.

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Good though, I am glad you got it fixed. I bet it’s really painful, ouch!
Feel better!

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