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How lazy are you?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) April 10th, 2008 from iPhone

I just realized I’m on the couch and my laptop is no more than 2 feet away and I am using my iPhone. What’s your lazy moment?

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To lazy to form a full concise answer to your question explaining my laziness.

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Extremely. I use my mac remote for itunes when I’m a foot away.

Guilty here to:

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I bounce around. My roomate watches the cooking channel all the time. I’m not into it because it just makes me hungry, but some days I won’t move the two feet to get the remote.

On the other hand, some days I’m not lazy at all and I’ll clean my entire apartment. Even my roomates messes.

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You know you’re lazy when you watch the cooking channel instead of actually eating.

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I’m on independent study and haven’t turned in homework for almost two months now!!! YEAH!

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I use my remote for my iHome when I’m in bed right next to it just so I don’t have to turn to the side.
I know the answers to questions in class, but don’t want to bother raising my hand.. so usually I just say it out loud.
I slouch in a chair and use my foot to kick something that is three ft. away back to myself instead of just standing up and getting it.

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Is not wiping you butt after considered lazy?...Jk…LoL..Sometimes I’m to lazy when it comes to heating up can food so I just eat it cold.

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When I was a kid I would position myself close enough to the remoteless TV so that I could change the channel with my toes.

Today I run little bits of stuff over and over with the vacuum rather than simply bending over and picking it up.

I also know only to get up to let the German Shepherd out when he rings the bell by the back door.

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I just realized I’m wearing the same running clothes I ran in two days ago. I haven’t changed or showered. This is gross. Why did I just write this?

Off running, bye.

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I’ve left the comfy confines of my bed three times today: twice to walk the dog & once to eat. As long as I have my Kindle, iPhone, & laptop, I don’t need to move.

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@peedub i dont see the problem with this. lol

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i drive a rascal scooter to the mailbox.

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i got a robot vacuum cleaner too.

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buster: hahahaha. the scooter one is hilarious. i can just picture it in my head. funny.

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Buster you are a rascal.

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I pay my broke buddy 5 dollars to wash the dishes everytime he comes over. He thinks i am a god. Hes stoked.

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when I kick a piece of clothing that is on the floor up onto the bed so I don’t have to bend down as far.

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@ pattyb -lol. What a great image. I can just picture you stubbing your toe.

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I’m actually too lazy right now to think of one of my laziest moments…. but trust me I’ve had several…

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instead of enunciating, i slur all my words together. and instead of yelling hey can you get me that i either IM or text whoever is in the room next to me. its easier then talking sometimes. my brother and i also used to do that when we were right across the hall from each other.

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Ever dropped something while making lunch and eaten it off the floor instead of walking over to the trash can to throw it away? lol O uh, yeah, never done that. Just wondering.

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HOLDING IT when I know have to GO in the wintertime so I don’t have to get up out of bed. Yes, I know this is not healthy.

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well…...I looked at this question last night, but didn’t get around to answering (which is slightly lazy), but today I had an inspirational lazy-moment and decided I should share:
I was going from the office on the ground-floor to the office on the 2nd-floor (on the 1st-floor is the canteen) and since it was lunch-time, I knew the middle floor would be busy… I took the lift/elevator…..for the 2 floors – and nope, I wasn’t carrying anything except a bottle of water…(not watermelons)

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…still wearing the same shorts, but i did change my shirt.

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i wore the same work clothes all week? Well different shirts but same pants.

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@uberbatman, i do that often… who said jeans were only meant to wear once!


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I should actually post this but it’s kinda gross, I haven’t washed my Levis since the day I bought them and its been four months. This isn’t so much laziness as I didn’t want to lose the blue color, but now I don’t want to lose the amazing sheen on them. They glisten and are stiff like the canvas on a sail. Is this wrong?

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its so wrong, that is is actually right. to prevent the color from fading turn them inside out when you wash them. to keep stiffness, do not dry them and after you hang dry them you should starch and iron them.

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I was feeling lazy today and I was hungover from last night and I had my friend drop me off at one end of Walmart, then drive me to the other end so I didn’t have to walk to 200 yard distance. Pretty bad?

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Real bad!

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Hahaha! Yea, I guess it is.

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My daughter’s birthday was last week (5yrs). We got her an icecream cake (yum) and I forgot to grab candles. So, I grabbed a tealight candle and stuck it in the middle. My husband and I just looked at each other and laughed – he said, “Uh, I’m not sure we can put real candles on it anyway. Yeah, it’ll melt the cake.” He didn’t want to go back to the store either. Is that bad? lol :)

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lol. Yeah my mom decided that Santa wasn’t going to wrap presents one year. Not that I cared, but she was LAZY!

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hahah peedub been there.

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well that’s better than a sheet of pretty paper because they’re too lazy to buy a present….right?

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presents are like people: it’s what’s inside that matters :P

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I’m too lazy to answer this dang question. I’ll get back to it later…

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