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Is there a way to suppress text messages on the iPhone?

Asked by 963chris (1029points) January 11th, 2011

i know that it can be done on a jailbroken iPhone but wasnt sure if there was an app or another way to do so on standard iOS. basically i would like to keep the text message alert box from popping up sometimes (like when im showing something to a friend or demo’ing stuff for a presentation). this happens whenever someone sends u a text.

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Never done it myself, but in Settings > Messages > If you haven’t tried these then I’d start there. If you have tried that, then I have no answer for you.

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yep. tried that but no dice. thx tho.

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Airplane mode?

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@randy. that might work but then you lose wifi connectivity (which i may need). i can give it a shot to test in any event to see if itll stop the messages from popping up + report back.

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turn off notification. it should work i think it only does it for the apps but try it.

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Ok, after investigating with my own iPhone I have the solution to your query. I’m assuming you have all the latest updates on your phone.

Go to
Settings > Messages > then turn MMS messages to off.

Simple but I didn’t even realize there was such a function.
You won’t receive any texts until you turn it back on.

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@randy: however that doesnt suppress sms messages unfortunately.
@ganti: no dice just turning off notification across the board. sms still coming thru.

thx a bunch.

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@963chris Really? It did mine… Hmmm….

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@randy: yep. i was sitting cross the table from a friend testing the scenarios. we both have iphone 4 pretty much rocking the latest update or mebbe the previous one. however a friend of mine sent me this link which im gonna try:

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the following technique seems to work (mostly) + the sms alert just show who’s it from + the word ‘text’ under it.

1) Select ‘Settings’
2) Select ‘Messages’
3) Switch “OFF” the option of “Show Preview”

it works for both sms + mms while you are using the phone. still havent found a way to entirely suppress the messages when using the phone.

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