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Best things to do to a drunk?

Asked by Frost (24points) April 10th, 2008

Anything goes food, pranks, whatever you people can think of.

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umm.. anything!!
its fun to mess with drunks in general as long as its still fun and hasnt crossed the line to mean.

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If their passed out. Tie there show laces together. That was always fun to watch.

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Put them to bed? I know that’s what I’d want people to do for me.

I have done the classics though, wrighting on them in permanent marker, dragging them outside, asking them to get something for me just so they’ll get up and I can watch them fall down.

Allie’s right though. It can go to far.

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okay this is really gross but if it’s a male and he is straight you get a sharpe and a condom. Okay you know where this is going, so when he wakes up he has a condom hanging out of his butt and freaks out! I saw it done at a big house party. I hope this was not to much but to see the person’s mind just turn to mush and watch them have this look on there face like “o my fluther! Someone had there way with me!!!” priceless!!!!!

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Photo opps. Always keep sharpies handy for such occasions. My friend recently dumped his roomate’s entire cd collection on him while he was passed out, a mound of thousands of cds. I thought this was so funny because it was so random. When asked why cds, he shrugged his shoulders.

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Oh WOW hairypalm, that’s too much. Yet it seems like it would be so funny. I’m evil for thinking that, but whoever did that to someone is way more evil! I can’t quit laughing at the though! Hahaha!

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I remember when I was at this party and a kid named Daniel got way too drunk and was out after 2.5 hours. He fell asleep in his roommates bed so everyone carried the mattress with him on it down the block to a park and left him there. We posted a really flimsy sign next to him that said “Don’t fall asleep at Theta Chi.”

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@hairypalm Watch this replace weed with alcohol its the same thing. WTF is with people doing gay things to their friends when they pass out?

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make sure they do not drive anywhere

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well the sharpe is just so you don’t use your finger, you take the sharpe out and all that is left is shame…...!!!!

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Be a responsible friend and make sure you get your friend home safely!

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paint his nails!!!

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I’ve never done anything too bad to anyone while they were drunk,the thing is I’m always the drunk one. one night I was trashed and my friends recorded me!! It was terrible i would ask for a cigarette and I’d get “what’s a cigarette?” in reply. that video was watched by almost everyone I know.

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Advise them to drink some water.
If they’re hungry, offer them some food.
Make sure they get home safely.

Do all that, and it will be lollerskates-city with a double-helping of ha.

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@lovelyy- I’ve had that happen. Being recorded when drunk sucks so bad…

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@fallstand see 8 answers above. ^_^

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duct tape them to the floor then wake them up by screaming OMG fire, and watch as they frantically try to run away!

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Just reenact this video

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Amazing. I love that track.

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Am I allowed to do that to myself if I’m drunk?

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justice is amazing, so that video, full of drunk pranks with justice is just way amazing!

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Paint his toenails pink, then put his shoes and socks back on so he won’t notice it until he gets home. I was partying with another couple once and the guys both passed out way too early in the evening. so we painted her husbands toenails pink, We were just putting the finishing strokes on his fingernails when he woke up. he never noticed his toenails. Then we quietly snuck into my bedroom to do something to my husband. We found a pretty pink bow, so we were tying a tuft of hair on top of his head to make him look like a cupie doll, when he also woke up. he said, “What’s going on?” I said “shhhhh.. we just painted Glenn’s toenails, come and look.” So he walked out into the living room, and pointed at Glenn laughing. At the same time, Glenn was laughing at him, and neither one knew why. Of course we two girls were rolling on the floor laughing at our clueless guys!

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The best is to put him in cold shower

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works if you live near a body of water and only if they are not completely unconscious where they could die

1. get a big blow up mattress
2. inflate it
3. take it to the water
4. put them on it
5. push them out to the water
6. laugh

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Dont cross the line but….. Its REALLY fun to get a bunch of drunk people to play twister or get them on a trampoline~!

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