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Meaning of the word 'egocentric'?

Asked by ah020387 (49points) January 11th, 2011

‘Egocentric’ is closer to meaning ‘egoistic’ or ‘egotistic’?

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In psychology, egocentrism is defined as
1)the incomplete differentiation of the self and the world, including other people and
the tendency to perceive, 2)understand and interpret the world in terms of the self.

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Everything revolves (centric) around the self (that would be “me,” of course).

Egotist and egoistic can be used interchangeably, for all intents and purposes, unless you are an ethicist. (Are you?)

Egotism is by far the more common and is sightly less all-incompassing than egocentricity, which is akin to clinical narcissism.

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@Prark: Cite your source, please.

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