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Have any of you awakened the Kundalini within you?

Asked by Summum (5504points) January 12th, 2011

For all of you that have asked about some of the places I have had experiences this is one of them. It really can be an amazing journey and is totally worth while. Have any of you opened the third eye within you?

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I’m not sure I understand your description of kundalini as being the third eye. I thought, and was just checking Wikipedia, that kundalini is the life force waiting to be awakened and drawn up from the base of the spine to the top of the head.

I thought the third eye was the representation of the sixth chakra. Am I wrong? What am I missing?

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@hawaii_jake no you are not wrong but when you experience the Kundalini you open the chadras. It is a bonus benefit.

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Oh, sure. That’s how I roll: mysticism all the way.

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Kundalini work is very intense and exhausting, I think. I’ve heard reports from people who do Kundalini yoga.

I’ve never done it, although I can imagine what it is like, perhaps even feel where my blockages are. To tell you the truth, it sounds a little scary. The kind of thing that you might just sail away on and never come back.

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~ Well, for me whenever I have a blockage a good helping of sauerkraut usually helps to open my third eye to clear out the congestion…

Oh, wait, are we talking about the same thing…? ;)

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No, but last night’s ravioli seems to have awakened my bowels….....excuse me one mo…......

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@Summum, does this have anything to do with the (as yet unnamed) dead person you spoke to?

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Absolutely they go hand in hand.

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Does it also have to do with that mystical experience you had, which you described to us by copy-and-pasting text from the Summum website?

Also wondering how this ties into your devout Christianity.

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They all tie together. By meditation and intense study one can find the answers. The belief in Christ ties it together. I’m not talking about Christ as most people see him. I’m talking about the one that was born, lived and died on the cross. He was an individual that came here also for the experience of mortal life and to help mankind. There have been many that have come to help mankind.

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I feel I have a ‘life force’ within me that ties to all others around me.

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Yes we all do and in time we will all find it and use it as we are supposed too. All life has that same force.

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Yes and the first time I did it, I threw up….made me very nauseous. Kundalini is great to do when trying to figure certain things out in your life. I am in fact going to have to do it tonight after work.

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@Cruiser algebra and logic can help, too.

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@CyanoticWasp Not with these issues/problems they can’t

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I managed to awaken my Kundalini last night thanks to intense meditation, and I have come to a great understanding. I discovered that everything said by @Summum is to be ignored and that we are here for no purpose but to create ourselves.

This is a personal thing that I have discovered, and it is real to me even if you haven’t seen it. There can be no scientific evidence of what I’ve found, but it is there for all of you to find if you’ll just open your minds. I assure you that I do not lie. Seek and you shall find!

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See what I mean @SavoirFaire negative again. Thanks

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Yes, I have awakened the untestable, unmeasurable, unidentifiable, unverifiable force within me. Tasted like chicken.

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@Summum There’s nothing negative in my comment. I am just responding as I find appropriate, and I don’t care if you believe me or not. Perhaps future readers will see my comment and come to understand this wonderful truth upon which I have stumbled. You can’t disprove my vision and I know what I’ve seen. I do not lie, I just want to talk about my amazing journey. It’s a pity you won’t open your mind.

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Your mind won’t open? That’s funny. That’s the same line Summum uses whenever people don’t agree with him. It seems like a standard for people making assertions for which there is no empirical evidence, despite the oxymoronic nature of it.

Person 1: I believe (outlandish assertion)
Person 2: I would love to believe that. Do you have any evidence with which to support it?
Person 1: No.
Person 2: Well then it would be quite foolish of me to accept it on nothing but your hunch. After considering it and the evidence or lack there of, I choose not to believe it.
Person 1: That’s because you’re close minded.
Person 2: But I just said I was open to the belief pending evidence. If I offered evidence to the contrary would you abandon your belief?
Person 1: Of course not. I know it to be true from personal experience!
Person 2: Isn’t that the exact definition of being close-minded?
Person 1: Um… Look! A distraction!

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I totally understand the statement that man has eyes but will not see ears and cannot hear. I will submit to you that think you know it all and say you are right. Congrats

I bow to your superiority and genious. But what will you do when you do see and hear?

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@crazyivan It’s called parody…

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@Summum Ah, but I would never claim to know everything. I just know what I know and wish to express myself. You do not have to agree. I am not trying to convince you of anything. I already do see and hear, but what will happen when you let go of your ego and truly awaken the Kundalini within you?

Surely, you can have no objection to the arguments I am making. After all, they follow all the rules of engagement that you have used when responding to other questions.

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You win.

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Ah, but will you change your ways?

“An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it.”
—Orlando A. Battista

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I would go through the whole bit again but that would be excessive. Summum, you are the one claiming to “know everything” or “know the unknowable”. Given that, isn’t it kind of silly to fault those people who rely on empirical evidence of “not seeing” and “not hearing”? Just curious.

And sorry @SavoirFaire that my sarcasm meter was not responding. My bad.

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@crazyivan Just like the talking dog who—squirrel!—was so easily distracted!~

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