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What is the logic behind allowing a 33 round magazine for a 9MM Glock?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36523points) January 12th, 2011

Can anyone explain to me why this is needed? Did you ever hunt with a Glock? Did you need 33 rounds because you’re such a lousy shot? This is a people killer and that’s about it. Why is this legal at all?

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Lol…. People want the “movie” gun that never run out of ammo…

33 rounds + 1 gun = dead holy deer….

I visited the U.S a few years ago…decided to see what a gun store was like….within 5 min of entering buddy there started trying to sell me a Uzi with extended clip….lol
Still tried after I told him I wasn’t an American citizen…so even if I wanted it I couldn’t buy it….lol

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I always found it fun to shoot at a range, but most people I’ve seen with handguns (especially Glocks) are terrible shots, thus would probably actually need all that for self defense.

However, I agree with @coffeenut that many people (at least us Americans) want the lame old spray and pray infinite ammo handgun we all see in the movies thus purchase the handgun that can carry a mag that holds the most ammo.

(Personally, I love .40 cal handguns which I’ve only seen with mags carrying up to 16 rounds)

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Well, gee, I don’t know, can you explain the need for a 500+ horsepower engine on a sports car capable of traveling in speeds in excess of 200 mph.? After all, the speed limit is only 70.

Do you realize how many people are killed each year by people traveling on our highways at excessive speed?

~ I think it is high time we outlaw these “assault vehicles”. After all, who really needs more than 4 cylinders? Anyone owning one of these assault vehicles capable of traveling at more than the maximum allowable speed and having more than the minimum amount of cylinders to accomplish that task must be some sort of psychotic lunatic up to no good!

Get a clue! It’s not about need. If you find pleasure in flinging projectiles over a fairly large distance with a fairly high degree of accuracy, as long as you aren’t hurting anyone in the process I don’t think it is anybodies damned business what “gear” you use in the pursuit of that recreational activity. OTOH, if one misuses that “gear” to cause harm then it becomes everyone’s business, but that doesn’t make it OK to infringe on the rights of the vast majority of individuals who use similar “gear” in their recreational activities without harming anyone in the process. It does, however, make it OK (in fact sensible) to punish the one who committed such an egregious crime to the full extent that the law allows.

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A 9mm with a magazine that holds 33 rounds, is only meant to be for one reason: to kill humans, just like the AK-47, built by the Chinese.

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@john65pennington Erm… this configuration, as well as any other firearm out there are designed for one purpose, that purpose being to fling a small projectile over a fairly long distance with a fairly high degree of accuracy. What it is being flung at is entirely up to the operator.

Given that there are hundreds of thousands of 9mm firearms out there with 33 round magazines combined with the fact that you can count on one hand the number of nutcases that have used this particular configuration to “go postal” with, that means that either:

A) 98+% of the owners of 9mm firearms with 33 round magazines are misusing them


B) You have mis-stated their intended purpose.

I’m going with “B”...

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Weapons are weapons. If a killer can’t find a handgun with a 33-round clip then he will carry 2 guns. Therefore making these illegal won’t fix the problem.

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The logic is because it is available and it is inherent among humans to aspire and acquire things that are usually the latest and the greatest.

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