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Who are good examples of Health Experts who has managed to monetise their expertise writing content, podcasting and offering live speaking engagements?

Asked by ifarmer (1points) April 10th, 2008

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Dr. Drew is the first person that comes to mind but I suppose his medium is radio. It seems at the very least related in that he has monetised (sp?) his health expertise via informing the public, and can be interpreted as effective.

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@peedub I was thinking the same person! Dr. Drew also did Love Lines radio show as a TV talk show w/ Adam Carolla for a stint, and as of late, is the host/therapist to the stars on the “reality” TV show “Celebrity Rehab” on VH-1. So I’d say that he’s a pretty good example.

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I know Dr. Weil has some excellent writing content, although I’m not sure about the podcasts or live speaking

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Sue Johanson was a real sexual health pioneer and an RN who hosted a near mythical TV show called The Sunday Night Sex Show. I think she commands a very respectable fee for her speaking these days.

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i love Sue Johanson!

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