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Why does Suze Orman continue to preach FICO score if she knows we'll find out she works for them?

Asked by Aster (19062points) January 12th, 2011

Suze along with most other TV/Radio financial adviser types always have some plan or service that they have financial ties to, I guess thats that multi-source income thing. FICO is who she works for. I gave up on all of them quite some time ago. Now that I’m retired and refuse to have debt, I could care less what any of my scores are. How exactly does Suze benefit from preaching FICO scores on all her shows when she knows people will discover she works for them?

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Let get get this straight – - – She works for FICO and is recommending them. HMMMM is that something like paid representative.
Oh I see.
She the spokesperson.

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On almost every single suze orman show she says, “You have GOT TO KNOW your FICO score!” So many people put all their trust in her because she’s so likeable. This week she said, “mark my words: 2011 will be a great year for the stock market” so I’m confident people will be investing in stocks by the masses. She and Oprah come off as everyday women but Oprah, as most people know, is a billionaire and Suze is worth many millions. Now she has her own show and is on OWN regularly .

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personally i find her annoying, her advice soso + much prefer Discovery Health over OWN thus far. want good money advice, check out the motley fool @

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This may sound stupid, but why wouldn’t she promote something she obviously knows about and a company she works for. I don’t see anything wrong with that. Perhaps she should give a disclaimer, but it is a finanacial analytical/management company and she offers some kind of FICO kit or something or other. FICO is also partners with IBM and Microsoft. I personally don’t like Orman’s advise, but that is just me.

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I agree with @bkcunningham

I think that regardless if she works for them or not.. has nothing to do with the real reason why she promotes them. Yes she is annoying but the fact remains that everyone either looks at your FICO score or the scores you get from the credit reporting agencies if you need credit (or even if you dont need it… want a job? Want an Apt?).

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I thought it might be a conflict of interests doing that?

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its prob not a conflict of interest so long as she maintains full disclosure

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