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Can you recommend a good bank?

Asked by mrrich724 (8537points) January 12th, 2011

Just got a fee (truly out of the blue, and I’m a financially responsible/aware person, this truly is a random $20 fee) from BoA.

Can you recommend a bank that doesn’t give fees to someone who is responsible w/ there accounts? (i.e. never overdrafts, etc)

I’d even consider online-only banks. I’m over Bank of America, and I’ve never been impressed by Chase.

Also, I am already aware of Credit Unions. Just looking for other potential avenues as I research where I’m going to take my business after I call BoA and don’t get a good reason as to the fee…

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West coast, Wells Fargo.

I have the PMA account, no complaints.

Midwest/East coast, I am clueless.

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Find a local bank. They are more likely to work with you than a national chain.

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I just switched today to US Bank.

I can tell you NOT to go to CHASE bank.

They just out of the blue decided to end the free checking accounts. Now unless you have direct deposit or a balance of a few thousand dollars you are charged a $10.00 a month fee.
I wish I could afford to meet their requirements but I am struggling. I just can’t afford to pay $120.00 a year for a checking account. (My business account will be $15 a month $180.00 a year. I closed it too)

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Have you tried a local credit union? I love mine and will never go back to a bank.

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I use small banks and credit unions for the most part. I did find a good online savings account at First National of Omaha.

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I agree with psychocandy and perspicacious. Look for the nearest credit union or small bank. I had an account at a small bank for 3 years with one ATM location worldwide. It was great.

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The Bank of Mother Goose.

Put your nest egg in my clutch. Free loaf of multi-grain bread with every deposit.

reinvestor's avatar Yes they are online only, but they will give you the best rates and the best customer service you’ve seen in the last ten years. Yeah, it’s that good.

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@Coloma Actually, Wells Fargo acquired Wachovia after the financial meltdown, and so they now have a national presence. So I also suggest Wells Fargo/Wachovia, I’ve only had my WF account for about a year and a half, but I’ve been generally extremely impressed. Plus it’s nice that they’ve covered almost all the debt Wachovia had since acquiring them, which wasn’t small.

BarnacleBill's avatar always runs great reviews of different banks and financial services offers.

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Yes. I was part of the triple ‘W’ scene.
A World savings, Wachovia, Wells Fargo, refugee.

WWW. who’s you bank? lol

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Thanks guys, for all the great answers. I’m going to check out, and a Credit Union that one of my clients mentioned. . . Happy Saving (or spending ;)

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If only the interest rates would go back to 5.5 %


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Okay- I am also trying out USAA because they reimburse ATM fees and have that awesome iPhone app that let’s me take pix of checks to deposit instead of visiting a branch.

I LOVE not having to go to the bank!

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I use Capital One, and I never had a problem. Though I did have my identity stolen once, but they forgave me of all the atm transactions the thief rung up on my debit card.

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@glenjamin, they are required by law to do that.

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I just wanted to mention to anyone still following this that I switched to Ally. I love it and would recommend it to anyone who wants to make a switch!

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