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Does anyone know of some evidence that illustrates that cell phone companies knew that cell phones caused brain Tumors and then didn't notify the public?

Asked by Bretbocook (105points) January 12th, 2011

For instance I heard in the early 90’s that radioshak was having people who bought cell phones sign a legal waiver that they knew of the risks of these cell phones…which shows prior knowleadge on the companies part. Did anyone experience a waiver such as this at radio shack or elsewhere; or experience something else that illustrates pre-knowleadge of the brain tumor cell phone nexus?

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I do have a vague recollection of this…but, did not experience it first hand.

Does a wired headset, not a bluetooth device, remove the risk of a brain tumor, if there is one?

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The father of one of my best friends is a Russian physicist, he grew up under the USSR and got his degree and research grant before the cold war ended. His research was precisely to see if electromagnetic radiations emitted by cellphones and similar devices could be used to cause some kind of lasting damage (not in order to prevent it, if you catch my drift).

They found nothing, so I wouldn’t worry.

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@Thammuz From what I understand old studies regarding this were very unrealistic about the amount of time most people spend on the phone. There has been more recent research reviving the fear of cell phone use and links to cancer. I’ll try to find a link to the recent report I saw.

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@JLeslie I doubt they were trying to use cellphones.

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@Bretbocook Having people sign a waiver could mean many things. The rental contract at a furniture store, for instance, might include a waiver of the right to sue if you trip over the couch you’re renting. This doesn’t prove that the company has information suggesting that couches are dangerous. It may just be that it wants to protect itself from unscrupulously litigious clients.

In the midst of a scare about cell phones causing tumors, a store would be crazy not to say “you buy this knowingly and at your own risk” and make you sign your acknowledgment thereof—even if there is no evidence of danger. Businesses tend to be rather risk averse about things like that.

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Am I the only one here who is familiar with the saying “Cover your ass”?

Seriously, such a waiver is not proof that cellphones cause brain tumors. The truth is that all the waiver really means is that they are not yet sure, but if cellphones do give you a tumor then they are not accountable/liable.

Would you have the same fears about cars if every auto purchase required you to sign a waiver acknowledging that cars can hurt or kill you and/or people around you?

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