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Does it still hurt and sting if someone waxes their ingrown hairs ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) January 13th, 2011

Like just waxing a very tiny small inch of ingrown hair.

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Look, this really isn’t my kind of area. But Im going to say YES. Why wouldn’t they? As long as the wax connects to the hair and pulls it out thats going to STING! a little. Ingrown hairs are still connected to you just like any other.

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To help an ingrown hair come out, or better yet, prevent them from becoming ingrown, take a washcloth and when washing your face (or wherever it is) massage in a circular motion. This helps move the hair just enough to help it break through the surface of the skin, or exit the pore opening. It works for me. I don’t know how waxing would help because it can’t grasp the hair if it’s not sticking out. Any hair plucking/pulling/waxing is irritating somewhat, but it depends on your level of tolerance.

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I’m with @rowenaz – If the hair is ingrown, how will the wax adhere to it?

Anyway, waxing any hair will hurt at least a little. If anything, waxing an ingrown hair will hurt more than regular hair.

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Like @rowenaz said, there is no ‘waxing’ of ingrown hair. For hair to be successfully waxed (peeled) off it needs to be sticking out of the surface of the skin a fair amount for the wax to hold it. Ingrown hairs, as their name suggests, are not above the surface of the skin.

What I suggest is scrubbing your legs lightly, with a rough wash cloth like suggested above to remove the dead surface layer of skin and it may help expose the hairs. I have a few on my legs now and then that are very stubborn and I gently tweezers them up and then off. I use an epilady mostly (unless in a real hurry) for the few times I bother to remove hair on my legs.

In the between times, I try to scrub my legs with a loofah or a salt scrub in the bath or shower to avoid ingrown hairs.

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Ummm, yes…. Waxing of any kind hurts like hell I dont care what anyone says!

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Honestly, from what I’ve heard yes. I used to work at a nail salon where they did waxes.

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