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How can I ask a girl out when I don't even know her name? Should I?

Asked by XxSHYxxGUYxX (203points) January 13th, 2011

All right so here’s the thing. I see this girl in college about everyday. She’s in the same course/programme as me. Just in a different class. I see her a few times a week when classes are being switched or when passing through the corridors… She’s really pretty. And I’ve noticed that she does look at me a few times but the minute I look at her, she turns her eyes away. I’m one of the more popular guys in my batch and I’m very sure she’s noticed me. The problem is, I don’t really know her name. Although I think she knows mine… I’d really love to go out with her and have really been thinking about her all the time. And I mean ALL the time. Even when I’m back home, in class, doing whatever… What should be my next step? Awww… She’s soooo cute… :-)

Btw, I’m 20 and haven’t had a girlfriend before. I liked a girl in high school a lot and asked her out but she already had a boyfriend. I’ve been searching for the ONE ever since… And now in college, I think I could really love this girl and care for her. How do I approach her? I dont even know her name! Is this a crush/infatuation/love? Btw, I’m pretty shy… :-(

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Body langauge dude. Study it for situations like this. Rule is, but not hard and fast, if you smile at her and she smiles back she is willing to be approached. Womens body langauge is something like five times more complex than mens. If you learn it you won’t have to take chances in the dark. The next step is approach her with some reason for small talk and talk about common stuff between you two.

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uhhhh…. ask if she wants to get coffee?

Not kidding, word for word… “Hi.. you’re really pretty… would you like to get coffee?”

If you were in her class you could “strategically” sit next to her one day… and then slide a tic-tac-toe board towards her with one circle or x already filled in.. during a particularly boring lecture. That trick worked for me about half a dozen times.

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I second the coffee thing. It’s in the awkwardness-preventing public, it’s cheap without being in poor taste, and if things go south you both have all of the escape routes that you can come up with.
Odds are good that there’s a coffee place on campus.

I once found a good friend in a girl who I thought was in my Public Speaking course. Same course, same prof, but different time, it turned out. Classes make for good small talk.

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Side note… don’t start throwing out loves and crap anytime soon… You’ll scare someone off asap with that.

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Cold call it. Just walk up to her and say something like, “Hey, I’ve been noticing you around here and I would like to get to know you. Would you like to go blahblablah ect…”

The coffee suggestion is a good one.

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Skip the “Hi, you’re really pretty.” Not a good opening gambit. Walk out of class with her and chat about the class. Then segue into coffee.

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Thinking cooky in a funny playful way.

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Just remember, her name rhymes with a part of the female anatomy.

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Guys just to let you know, she’s NOT in the same class as me. She’s in the same course as me, not the same class. They’re two different things. So how can I sit next to her if she’s not in my class… Please answer keeping that in mind. There’s really no connection/interaction between us. :-(

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Next time you see her, stop her and introduce yourself. Say “I have been seeing your around campus, but I don’t know your name. My name is . . .”

Then ask her if she would like to go out for coffee and get to know each other better.

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If she’s not in the same class, but is taking classes from the same professors, you could introduce yourself, tell her that you’ve noticed her on campus and know that she’s in Dr. XX’s other ___ class. Ask her if he mentioned ____ in the lecture he gave, and did she understand it? Get her talking about something in the class. Then suggest getting coffee to compare class notes between the different sections. Or ask her about a class that she’s taking but you’re not, and are “thinking” about taking.

Use what you have in common as an opening.

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I’d go with @tedd & @Nullo on this. There is nothing wrong with just walking up, introducing yourself and telling her you like her style and wonder if she’d like to have coffee so you could get to know her better.

She may have a boyfriend and say no, but it would be most uncool for her to be ugly about that so long as you are respectful and not pushy or cocky in your approach.

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haha that’s cute! Well, it seems like you have the first step down—> creating a plan to make a move!

Well to answer part of your question, I would say that usually things start off with a crush, and then infatuation (maybe both at the same time too?) and then if all goes well, love, I suppose.

Well, approach her! Just walk up to her, and talk to her. Say “hi! I’m ________, I noticed that you’re also in the same program as me; So, what do you think of it? ” Or something along the lines of that. Just some small talk. And as a lot have already suggested, ask her out for coffee, or tea, if she doesn’t drink coffee.

Good luck! =D

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No advice that hasn’t been said. She either has a boyfriend or she doesn’t.
If she doesn’t she’ll give you a yes.

Did you ask her yet ?!
Good luck :)

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