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What clubs are the hot spots in Vegas?

Asked by Rv654321 (228points) January 13th, 2011

I will be going on a trip to Vegas with a bunch of friends this weekend to celebrate their birthdays. I have been to Vegas a few times, but only been to a few smaller clubs. I know there is alot of places to choose from in Sin City. What are the clubs to be at on Friday and Saturday nights? I heard that TAO, Jet, Pure, LAX, and Eve are some of the best clubs in Vegas. But what are the good nights to go? or what other suggestions do you have? If there like clubs in L.A. they are better and pull larger crowds on certain nights of the week. Any help or insight is appreciated=)

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A friend of mine is a DJ at Blush inside the Wynn – worth checking out the website at least.

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@mrlaconic Thanks! that definately looks like a spot worth checking out.

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The hottest spots right now are The Bank, XS, and Pure I would say

The bank has to be my personal favorite. I absolutely adore the Bellagio

Tao sucks i think, looooonnggg lines, and its huge. But the problem there are like 2 spots where everyone wants to hang out so it gets crammed really bad.

Jet is too small I think, also very cramped,

LAX is good, nice big open space, but kinda feels like your in a dungeon. Still fun none the less. I would recommend it.

Haze are Aria…ehhhh, I would only go if you can get in free. It’s setup’s creates for large gatherings of guys so the ratio gets kinda funky. They have these platforms where girls can getup and dance on, which they tend to love to do, so you find yourself dancing next to a bunch of guys looking at this platform full of girls..

I would recommend Tryst, but right now its cold so you wont get the same experience as in the summertime. In the summer the open up the patio so you can see the waterfall and what not; its very cool. I would still recommend it though.

Honestly..any night is a good night in vegas. I would suggest trying for a non Friday/Saturday, usually the lines are slightly shorter, and if you are getting bottle service you can probably talk them down to say only buy 1 bottle for like $500 instead of having to buy 2.

I will say though, decide on a club’s before hand. You can call the casino, or the light group (a company which owns a lot of the big ones), and put yourself on the guest list. Then you can just show up and get right in and not have to pay the cover fee (which can be $30 to $50) depending on where/what night.

Also, if all else fails, look for the dudes passing out the VIP cards for free admission. You’ll still have to wait in line, but skip having to pay that entry fee.

Overall I do critique them quite a bit, I live out here and Vegas and I love going to the clubs. But honestly, if its your first time going to any of those, you’ll have a good time. Just plan ahead as best you can; thats the key. Dont be afraid to ask the host/bouncers if you can pay them direct cash to hook you up either (if you got a party of 6 for example, $100 to $150 directly to someone will get you right in). They cannot solicit it, but they will gladly facilitate your needs. This city is all about who you know, and taking care of people.

Sorry for it being so long, but hope it helps.

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Bellagio, Palms and (my favorite) B B Kings Blues at the Mirage.

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There’s really nothing to do in Vegas, it’s a one-horse town. Try the catskills instead.

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Thanks for all the suggestion! We did end up going to TAO one of the nights because one of our friends had the hook up and got us all in for free. I do agree with @wgallios though, we had a good time but it’s really crowed and overrated. None the less Vagas was a crazy, good time=)

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