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What do you think of this Ted Williams character?

Asked by coffeenut (6171points) January 13th, 2011

I’m not referring to the baseball player…I mean the Previous radio voice with a alcohol/drug problem who left his wife and 9 kids and ended up homeless…. Here

After a random you-tube video this guy got the second chance of a lifetime handed to him on a golden platter was given a house, job offers, T.V and radio coverage… and is now a “media sensation”...... Really?

Can he change his ways and embrace this golden opportunity….
What do you think?

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Hopefully some of his good fortune will be shared with family.

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it’s all about timing. stars align and planets eclipse. moment arises. he’s a blessed man.

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I think he’s fully capable of changing his ways, if he hasn’t already.

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great things happen when they are meant to happen, not before.

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I have talked to the man. I have to drive by the corner where he stood every day on my way to work. I think it is a blessing that Doral Chenoweth took the time to actually talk to him and find out more about the man himself. I think this is a great deal to dump on a person with potentially limited coping skills. I think his going to rehab is a terrific idea as he actually has the possibility to make a difference in his own life. His family may be thrilled with the attention he is now getting but he stayed away from them for a reason.

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Interesting question. The nation first embraced him as the latest YouTube overnight celebrity. His rise from the gutter back to former fame was a perfect Cinderella fairytale. Now the nation must come to grips with the fact he’s a living breathing human being who has faults aplenty to go along with his gift of a silver tongue. It will be interesting to see if he is yet mature enough to handle it—and if we as a natin are.

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He needs help. No one ends up as he did without some serious issues. Fame and some VOs jobs aren’t going to solve those issues overnight.

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Props to him, hopefully he sticks to his new found life, otherwise meh, here’s a 5.

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Let’s hope he finds some AA meetings and really wants to stop. Because you can lead a horse to water but he has to want to drink (the water that is.)

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Lol…. Didn’t even make 2 weeks in rehab…..Fail

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