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Effective relaxation methods?

Asked by lov3xDrnk (239points) January 13th, 2011

I have a TON of homework tonight, finals are next week, and I have a stomachache. I’m a stress monster. I just need a quick method for relaxing before diving back into work.

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small nap!

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Meditation is great!

You can do it in your chair. Focus on your breath. Try to make your breaths as long as possible, with the inbreath and outbreath the same length. Try to do this for fifty breaths. Keep track of them. If you forget where you are, start the count over. Do this for five minutes. Or, if you have longer, do is for as long as you can— up to fifteen minutes.

It’s a little more difficult than it sounds, but it doesn’t matter if you succeed or not. The point is to focus on your breath. It becomes very difficult to think about other stuff if you do that. Not impossible, but difficult. The more you focus on breath and breathing and counting, the more it will help you. Amazingly simple, and surprisingly difficult.

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Make yourself a cup of chamomile tea.

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@Season_of_Fall Yes, I call it a ‘nana nap’. Works for me.

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Hot pack, right on the tummy (or wherever you hold your stress).

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Masturbation works pretty well. :)

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