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Asked by Thesilvertiger (264points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I worked for only 6 months, do I have to do my taxes even if I earned a little bit.

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What country are you in? It is hard to give an answer about area-specific stuff when you don’t specify where you are.

In general: if the only income you got was from working, then generally it depends on if your wage had taxes taken out. Often there is a minimum tax bracket, if you are within this then you don’t have to pay tax (for example in Australia, you don’t get taxed if you earn between $0 and $6000) – however unless you claimed eligibility for being in the smallest tax bracket with your employer, you might have had the highest possible tax taken out of your pay throughout the year, which you can then claim back in your tax return.

This is general advice only and may not even apply to you anyway, so you must find out with the tax office for a definite answer.

By the way, if you’re in Australia, the ATO has a quick online tool to determine if you have to do your taxes at this location.

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ani I’m in the US

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You should file your tax return this year because you will very likely get money back. All taxpayers who worked this year are going to receive a $600 stimulus rebate. You can’t get it if you don’t file.

Indeed, you should think about filing every year because workers who make under various amounts are often eligible for refundable tax credits like the Earned Income Tax Credit, which means you get money back even if you don’t owe anything at all.

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This year filing will most likely benefit you

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The only situation in which it’s okay to not file taxes is if the withholding from your paychecks is more than the tax you owe—and the government can still come after you for the paperwork, which is major hassle even if it doesn’t cost you anything.

So file your taxes. If you didn’t make much and your financial situation isn’t complicated, it will take you all of 20 minutes.

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the answer will be different for both Fed & State. Every State has its own filing requirements so just because you don’t have to file Fed doesn’t mean u won’t have to file in the state you live/worked. will answer ur Fed questions. Go to the taxation agency for ur state to learn the State requirements. Here in CA its called FTB or Franchise Tax Board. I believe the URL is something like or vice versa

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You should file. Like the others said you would miss out on the stimulus rebate if you don’t. In New Jersey, if you make over $3000.00 you are required to file. H&R Block has an online tax service that is very easy to do. It only takes about 10 minutes, and you’re done. I did mine a couple of days ago, and I chose direct deposit. I’ll have my refund on the 22nd.

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