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How will you celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day?

Asked by jenandcolin (2296points) January 14th, 2011

I want to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day with my son. It’s important to me that he knows who MLK Jr. is and what he has done. My son is only 5 months. However, I would like to begin the tradition early. Any ideas of fun activities for kids (not necessarily for babies)?

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Strangely, every furniture store in our area is having a their annual MLK furniture sale.
If you didn’t know better you’d think the man was a famous cabinet maker. Sad.

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By re-feeling how stirred I was when I was in Washington on August 28, 1963 and heard his “I have a Dream” speech at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

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Help people, volunteer in a soup kitchen or find stuff you don’t use anymore in your house to donate.

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Caveat: I am not a parent.

Is there an interracial/interfaith/inter-whatever parents group in your area that’s doing anything that day?

I think if parents got together to work on behalf of making things where they live better for their children, that could be extremely worthwhile.

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During the week between Christmas and New Years my husband and I spent a day being tourists in our own city and went to the Civil Rights museum here in Memphis. If you don’t know, the museum is housed in the motel where Martin Luther King was shot and killed. Anyway, the experience is fresh in my mind. The museum reminded me of events of the times, the hatred, and his perserverence in fighting for equality. I think this Martin Luther King day, I will watch some of the rememberence on TV, and hope that eventually we acheive full equality. When I walked through that museum, it made me really think about other civil rights that are still being denied to so many of our citizens, and how the same arguments are being used. It also brings up dissappointment that so many African Americans do not consider gay rights to be a civil right where I live, and they actually resent the comparison. So, on Monday, I will take a moment to hope for peace, it is the same as how I hope for peace for the middles east and the world.

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I won’t be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I do have respect for the man but I don’t see this day as a holiday or a day to do some charitable stuff.

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Working from home, because my kids will have no school.

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I am not really sure what traditions go with MLK Day, but would like to know. Going to the Civil Rights Museum sounds like a great idea if you live close enough to do so. Is there any movies made about his life and works? I’m sure there must be, I just don’t know what they are. Since your son is 5 months old, you could snuggle up with him on the couch and watch the movie.

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My family always listens to Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday, the song he wrote in celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. in the battle to make this holiday exist. Lyrics here. I’m surprised at how few people know this song, and I hope that Jellies help spread it around as much as possible! I always put up a facebook status with the link to get people to listen.

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On this day which honors a man who taught generations about the value of tolerance, understanding and equality, take a leaf out of Martin Luther King’s book, turn upwards then outwards and reach for your children. Give them a hug, a kiss, ask about their day, tell them you love them, say sorry if a sorry is needed. Then teach them King’s story. Teach them King’s values. And, most importantly, let them know that if they are ever upset with you, to give voice to their hurt and always, but always, use your words.

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by raising a glass of MiLK and proposing a toast to the master of genteel political activism. Sarah Palin Take Note

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I’d underscore that we are all created as equals, and that, as such, Washington ought to have his birthday celebrated again.

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@Nullo We do. Well, it is called President’s Day now. You mean you want it to go back to being called Washington’s birthday? Or, have both? I’m pissed they took Washington’s name off of our National airport, but that is a different topic.

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@JLeslie I want it to go back to being Washington’s birthday, and then we pick another day for President’s Day. And put him back on the airport.

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I don’t celebrate it just like I don’t actually celebrate any holidays other than the religious ones. I mean I don’t “do” anything special.

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Reminding people that there was a lot more to him and his work than the whitewashed version people are fed.

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@Nullo I am fine with that. Maybe celebrate his birthday on his brithday? And, leave President’s Day for Monday and the three day weekend? But, I guess we can do that anyway. You mean two separate Federal holidays. Make it more official.

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@JLeslie…When exactly is President’s Day? I get the minor holidays mixed up, see. :D

But yeah, that’s fine.

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Nothing, he was a great man but I will be doing what I do everyday since I retired, witch is…Nothing

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@Nullo Third Monday in February.

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This is going to sound terrible. But it’s just plain fact!
In retrospect, I celebrated MLKJr. Day by making and selling a higher-than-anticipated amount of chicken, and then cleaning up and going home.

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Did you see Oprah? The MLK day special was fantastic. Old clips of past shows about racism. The oldest was from 1987 I think. I was in college then. It is stunning to me what was still being said in 1987. But, actually it is still said. But, the show was not an all negative show, it spoke of how much things have changed for the better.

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@JLeslie : No, I didn’t see it. It sounds really interesting. I will check online and see if I can get it. Thanks for letting me know!

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@jenandcolin If you watch it let me know what you think. For my husband and I, just having gone to the civil rights museum, so many of the references in the show were at the top of our heads, so the timing was really good for us.

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@JLeslie : will do!
Thanks. I haven’t been to the museum, but I want to go. My master’s degree is in sociology and I focused on race, class and gender. I wanted to take a group of students to the museum but it never worked out for me.

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@jenandcolin They are going to be renovating soon from what I understand. If you ever make the trip I would be happy tp tell you other things to see around town. Many really good museums (Rock and Soul and the Cotton museum talk about what was going on in society at the time also) good theatre, and Graceland of course.

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