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Best wineries in Sonoma?

Asked by emilyrose (2272points) April 11th, 2008

My friends and I and my mom are doing a little wine tour. We only want to visit a few places. I want inexpensive tastings, and a pretty environment. Any ideas? A friend recommended organic Preston which looks awesome. I’d love a couple of other places as well. Thanks!

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I visited Buena Vista and Ravenswood years ago. Buena Vista had a pretty setting and the lady that was doing our tasting let us taste pinot noir juice (this was in the fall). Ravenswood is kind of a must do, but wasn’t terribly remarkable.

Here’s a link with a list of favorite Sonoma wineries.

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Sterling, just because it’s unique with the tram….

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If you have a car at your disposal, a beautiful drive to the Domain Chandon winery is good. The process of making champagne is very interesting. You can continue up highway 29 to Yountville & St. Helena. Great food, shops and more wineries.

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Hop Kiln is fabulous.

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