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What's one thing that people in school used to make fun of you for?

Asked by Berserker (33524points) January 14th, 2011

Pretty self explanatory. Everyone at one point through their school years will be made fun of. But was there anything specific for you that kept returning?
For me it’s cuz I was dirt poor, and also, buck teeth, haha. What about you?

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A lot of things. Being in advanced classes, being in the TAG program (talented and gifted), being effeminate (I was rather girly until I was about 15 or so), being perceived to be gay, being poor-ish, not being a Christian, being a Christian (different times). I couldn’t win!

I think I turned out alright, though.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’m sure you’re just fine. :)

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First English kid in an all Spanish school, other than being English I can’t think of any. Even then I don’t think it would fall under any kind of bullying or mockery, just very mild xenophobia.

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I had a bully bugging me about something when I first started high school…..I don’t remember why, but I do remember having a few “discussions” with him and after the last one he understood “my point of view” and left me alone….I wish I could remember what it was about…

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my hair. In grammar school I had a pretty big afro

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For my funky looking pinkies.
For being extremely skinny.
For wearing glasses.
For having an oddly spelled first name (Erich, it’s German).
For being quiet in early grade school.
For being fairly smart.

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Every once in a while I would get made fun of for the gap in between my two front teeth.
Sometimes for the two moles on my forehead.
But I mostly got made fun of for my goofy last name and still do sometimes. Sad panda.

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@poisonedantidote Well whatever it is, I’ve always thought that bullying was the byproduct of something more deeply rooted. Xenophobia can be one, low self esteem, stuff like that.

@Vunessuh Haha, you had the teeth stuff goin on too?

@coffeenut Yeah, that’s always kinda sad. We remember the war, but not why we’re waging it. :/

@glenjamin Affros are awesome. :)

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For my Gravity Pride. (Read: shortitude) and being younger. Littlest and youngest was my life’s cross to bear. No longer youngest, but I still can’t reach stuff. And it still sucks. And I still get teased for it. <sigh>

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My parents divorced when I was six, this information travels fast around school. I would hear the occasional “Willy hasn’t got a dad” bullshit comment, usually from the school neanderthals. I was amused at the notion that they thought I was conceived by immaculate conception or something. Anyway yeah, I got over it. Took about a minute or maybe two. Yes my nickname was Willy & no I can’t believe I just revealed that here :¬)

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My teeth were very bucktooth before I got braces.
I got boobs way before anyone else so I received a lot of unwanted, male attention, which made a lot of girls hate me. These girls would say anything they could about me.

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@Symbeline The xenophobia I’m talking about is very mild. I would compare it to the racist remarks of a 5 year old, who only says what he says because he heard an adult say it.

For example, when winning something, people would not say to me “oh you lucky bastard”, they would say “oh you lucky English bastard”. Sometimes, my being English would be atributed as a cause for something, for example, my mother always used to cook very late, therefore, other kids would think I ate late because I was English. Stuff like that.

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Being short and tiny.

HA! To think I was once tiny.

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@aprilsimnel : Good one! Me, too.

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5’1” here but beyond being called shorty not too much of a bother, did go to a dance with a friend’s brother home on leave from the navy who was 6’5”. We decided not to waltz- guy had long legs! I had taxicab ears. you can imagine how fun that was with long straight hair styles. Had them flattened- paid for by Alberta Health, for mental health reasons- the doctor said! My middle name is Ella so Elly ears was the thing. It was mostly my friends who laughed at me for worrying. We were in an all Honours class, though, and lots of kids taunted us a little, but we sure as hell didn’t care.

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Fatty, slowpoke, retard, weirdo, clutz, wimp, nerd, geek, and buttface. Yep, that’s what kids most commonly called me back in elementary school, besides smartypants, smart ass, and meanie which I took/take as compliments. Yep, they bullied me, I tossed a beehive into the bathroom while they were in it, revenge was so sweet. licks honey off of fingers

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@Winters “I tossed a beehive into the bathroom while they were in it”

Haha, that is epic!

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@Symbeline, yep, I’m peachy keen!

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Being overdeveloped rather early. I was ripped to shreds for that, stared at, pointed at and laughed at. Got to the point where I did not want to participate in Physical Education, especially swimming!

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My friends in school had a lot of fun with my nickname too Willy. One of the other basketball players called me Corky Calhoun. It eventually evolved to Cork and any derivative thereof. Corkmeister, Corkster, Corky Condom, and on and on and on.

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@erichw1504 Yeah, I pulled that one three times throughout elementary school, never caught. Taught those kids that when you fuck with fatty, fatty bites (or stings) back.

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I got made fun of a few times for having a high-pitched girly voice in middle school (I really sounded quite effeminate and more like a 9-year-old when I was 11–13) and for being small (back in middle school, I was around the shortest person in my grade each year, if not the shortest each year), but for the most part, people saw the smallness as an endearing thing. I was never badly bulled or made fun of, just a few isolated incidents. I also once got made fun of in 4th grade for spending time around girls more than boys.

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I used to get made fun of for being in the gifted program too. Then I grew boobs, way before all the other girls, and I was the first in my grade to have a bra. Snapping bra straps was soooo much fun, wasn’t it?

In high school I was made fun of for being the punk rock kid. The “cool” kids didn’t like me and wanted to beat me up, but that never happened. Probably because I wasn’t scared and wore steel-toed boots every day.

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I had bangs like Justin Bieber. My oldest friend still calls me “Sheepdog”.

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When I was in elementary school, my hair was almost white. Luckily my blonde hair got a little darker in high school and they stopped bugging me and calling me “whitey.”

I had skinny legs and a poochy stomach and had almost fluorescently white skin (in an area where the cool thing was to be tan). So I got called lots of names for all of those things. The least offensive of which was “Twiggy.”

And I loved the Bay City Rollers, nuff said.

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Being gay. Everything else was secondary.

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I was bigger than the other kids (therefore I was “fat”), I sang in a competition choir (therefore I was “queer”), I punched back when bullies attacked me or my friends (therefore I was “psycho”), I talked back when teachers were incompetent (therefore I was “rebellious”), I had long hair (therefore I was a “hippie”), and I was voluntarily friends with the misfits (therefore I was a “freak”). Oddly enough, I never got called a nerd. I suppose having a bespectacled best friend whose father taught him physics deflected that one.

Then high school came and I was way more popular with girls than any other individual guy. Man, did that throw everybody for a loop. (Especially when I showed up to dances with the Holy Grail: girls from other schools!)

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Ohh. For being a Nazi.
I’m not kidding. I went to a predominantly Jewish school, and somehow this rumor got started that I was a neo-nazi and that I “hated Jews.”
100% untrue, but there was a group of kids that absolutely tortured me over it for like 3 years. It was ridiculous.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I feel your pain (last two years of high school I was called a Nazi/fascist because some girls over heard me say during history class that I thought that fascism was actually a pretty decent economic ideology).

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@Winters mine started because I did a speech on Hitler’s charisma. There was nothing controversial in the speech itself, I was in the 8th grade for crying out loud.

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Being small and short.

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@TheOnlyNeffie sounds like an interesting speech, I must admit I’m intrigued to read/hear it. Sorry about those kids, but can you really blame them? We were all confused, acne infested, insecure, gossip retards back in the 8th grade, but to have most of your school being Jewish couldn’t have helped with that.

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@Winters I don’t have it anymore, that was something like 15 years ago. The speech was an assignment, and everyone else got something similar or controversial. I’m over it now, of course, it was just ridiculous at the time. :)

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I was bullied and harassed from 7th to 12th grades for being gay. I remember being teased earlier than that for being effeminate, too. Where I grew up, being gay was lower than dirt.

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My last name. Alas, I can’t put it on the internet, but we were 5 years old and it rhymed with so many interesting words I can hardly blame my classmates for being unable to resist making rhymes out of it.

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I wore glasses and weighed less than 100 pounds for most of my high school/grade school career. I foolishly cut my hair short when I was in middle school so I looked like a pre-pubescent boy, which of course made me a great target. I also had a strange last name, and got flack for being one of the “smart kids” (said in a derogatory manner).

None of that really bothered me once I got older though; I grew a thick skin and ignored them. I’m pretty sure I turned out okay, but I like to think that this sort of thing is what helped me become a more sympathetic person.

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Being shy.yes,that’s right;)

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My tastes were different. For example I am a Barbra Streisand fan, that didn’t go down well with my fellow 14 year olds.

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See, I don’t get that one, @lucillelucillelucille. Why would anyone make fun of people who kept to themselves? Ugh, kids.

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I have thought about it all day…lol
still not a 100% but these could have been a factor…
I was a “teachers pet” I’d finish my work then convince them to give me more
At school I was doing work at breaks and lunch…
I walked to school instead of taking the bus…..
I had a part-time job….
....that’s all I can think of so far….
but after the first one stopped, I wasn’t bothered again

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I was regularly teased for having a boy’s name. I also got teased often for using proper grammar (I still get teased for that one).

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My weight. I was all of a size 14 and thought I was enormous.

Also, like @lucillelucillelucille, for being shy.

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One girl called me Powder (like the movie) b/c I am so fair. She would literally yell it at me down the hallways. She hated me b/c I was buddies with her boyfriend. She sucked.

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Being “white”
Having good posture
Not dressing in Rocawear, Phat Farm, Baby Phat, etc.
Coming from a Christian school
Getting As

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For being extremely conservative, not a risk-taker, wearing second-hand clothes.

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My skin color lol, and also the way I talk….I guess it was too proper for my skin color lol.

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My last name.

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Teacher’s Pet
Goody Two Shoes
(sneer) Mormon
crazy brother

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Oh crap. I was the “paste eater”. I remember my teacher telling my mama this.

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@janedelila Oh gawd, I lol’d when I read your answer. XD

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@Vunessuh I’m sayin…that paste was soooo good. A two finger scoop when I thought the teacher wasn’t looking.

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My name, which reminded some people (meaning boys) of a certain comic strip character.
My age, a year younger than my classmates from third grade onward.
My religious beliefs. Yes, I used to have some.

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I remember being teased in grade 4 because I couldn’t pronounce words with ‘R’ in them properly. And I used to pronounce ‘Thursday’ as ‘Fursday’ because I didn’t realise I had it wrong. And I’ve had a lifetime of comments about my lack of height. And also, I couldn’t speak Chinese well at all, and that was mortifying.

But I guess, people were just poking fun at me because they were trying to be friendly. No harm, in the end.

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@Winters Dude I just realized…hucking beehives in bathrooms…you did just like the person in Sleepaway Camp. XD

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@Symbeline guess I’ll have to sue, lol. Or just see the movie.

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@Winters I think everyone who worked on this is dead so…XD Watch it, it’s awesome!

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@Seelix I think being a punk rock kid would’ve ruled! You definitely woulda had my attention. ;)

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@Only138 – Aw, shucks. Yay for non-conformism! The best part was later in high school when the cool kids would ask me for help with their homework. And saying no. :)

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@Seelix Anarchy rules Seelix.

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