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If you had to choose, in which way would you like to become famous?

Asked by erichw1504 (26433points) January 14th, 2011

Let’s say fame is inevitable for you. If you had the choice, how would you like to become famous?

It could be from acting, music, writing, inventing, viral video, reality TV, anything!

Why would you choose to become famous this way? For how long do you think you’d be famous? Forever or would you slip from everyone’s mind within a year? What would you do once you became famous? How would the puplic view you? Would you create a nickname for yourself (i.e. J. Lo, Lil Jon)?

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I wouldn’t want the notoriety of being famous, but, I’d like the cash and the idea of bringing joy, laughter or information to others.

My writing, hands down.

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For being a thinker, high hopes for an idiot I know, but if I have to be famous, I would want it to be because of “something”. Philosopher or inventor sounds like a valid reason for fame, much more dignified than being famous for having a light sabre battle with a mop.

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Showrunner of a Mad Men/Breaking Bad-level show / screenwriter-director-producer

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Well I’m planning on being famous. I’m currently working as a street musician, playing the accordion. I’m going to write my memoirs. So I’ll be famous as a writer, but then my busking will get famous too.

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If I was to become famous it would have to be for music, hands-down. I’ve always loved music and I actually made some music that got into a video game soundtrack. I’m not superstar caliber by any means, but it is a nice dream to have. Rather than being a rockstar though, as I would’ve loved when I was younger, I would rather be a bit more low-key, like a famous movie score composer such as Hans Zimmer or James Horner. This kind of fame would allow me to keep my private life. I don’t know that I would choose a nickname, I think I would let my name stand as is.

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Sport definitely! I imagine what it would feel like to whip Usain Bolt’s arse in the 2012 London Olympics 100m final, breaking his world record in the process. Magic!

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I would want to make some major scientific breakthrough.

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@glenjamin Hans Zimmer is a genius.

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I’ve got two young adult novels in the oven right now. One is nearly finished.

I’d love to be known for them being successful, above all other things.

Poetry or photography would be my second choice, but I see myself as a much better poet than photographer, though I’m prolific at both.

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@erichw1504 – Yes, he is AWESOME!

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I would like to be very good at something, really adept at expressing myself whether in words, music or painting. I wouldn’t be too bothered about the distraction of fame.

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Having the coolest Art Deco store that N. America ever did see.

That’d be it.

My favorite shop in Ferndale, MI – Deco Doug’s. When you walk in – instant orgasm, See that lady floor ashtray? I want her. Who’s buying?

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I’d like to earn notoriety by being the least famous person on earth. How paradoxical would that be?

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I have been toying with the idea of creating some crazy giant sculpture in my yard, not sure what the theme would be, or the materials yet, but, it’s floating around in the creative sea of mind.

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Well, you know what they say: if you can’t be a good example, then you’ll just have to serve as a horrible warning…

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Bear wrestling.;)

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Step right up and watch the little lady put her head in the grizzleys mouth.

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Writing fantasy.

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I wouldn’t mind being famous (for no more than 15 minutes, please) for a simple act of kindness, thoughtfulness, mercy or heroism – and being just as soon forgotten, except as people think “Hey, do you remember that guy from a few years back who did that great but simple thing that anyone could have done but not enough actually do? I wonder whatever happened to him.”

Any more than 15 minutes and I will require cash up front, please, at a rate to be determined.

Other than that, I wouldn’t mind going back in time to the 1930s with Catherine Zeta-Jones on a mission to kill Hitler and get away with it, as long as we could both be trapped back there with no way back. We’d deliver a bunch of great-looking kids to y’all, anyway.

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That’s easy – writing the Great American Novel; as long as I didn’t have to do book tours. (Think the female J,D. Salinger.)

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I’d like to be famous for my writing or work as a journalist. I’d want be quietly famous in my lifetime, and then perhaps slightly more famous after my death. It would be unlikely and bothersome to be super famous—and besides, that sort of attention is pretty rare for a writer/journalist. That is, unless a movie is made out of your work or something.

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I would like to be famous for being royalty. I would like to be the Queen of England or something. Your talent and beauty can fade away, but if you’re famous for just being you, no one can take that away. Well, I guess you could get assassinated…...

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To make a huge advancement in mathematics, physics, or with my ideas on political science

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I would like to be famous for developing planned communities, and being one of the builders within it.

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@noelleptc Ha! Another Bill and Ted.

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I’d like to become famous via death. Why death? Because I never wanted to be famous in the first place. How long would I be famous for this? i’d give myself less than a single day. How would the public view me? My guess is that they’d probably not think much of me at all, like they tend to do now. Nickname? gmar :D

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Singing. I’d love to be a Musical Theatre actress but, despite having trained for years, I don’t actually enjoy performing! I love to sing and so I force myself to take part in small charity concerts and festivals but I don’t enjoy having and audience when I am singing.

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@glenjamin don’t forget that he also did Video killed the Radio Star.

Most likely, I’d end up being infamous if I attain any fame at all, fame via good/actions that have no lasting contribution at all just sounds so dull for me.

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By leading the revolu…I mean, perfectly nice social group. Yea, that’s what I mean…

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Seriously though, I write fiction and non-fiction, the latter more than the former. That’d be a neat way to get famous.

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I’d like to get famous if i must, through being an anonymous writer who will be famous for being anonymous. . . really.

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If I had to become famous, I’d like it to happen through me inventing something that would benefit mankind universally and would be available to everyone regardless of circumstances.

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I would love to be famous for thinking up thoughts and ideas that no one has ever though of. I try to come up with my own quotes but always find that some ancient philosopher has already said it more concise and more better than I.

Who was that said this?——> “I use to run with my feet, legs and heart but they wore out so now I run with my guts.” (it was me)

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You mean Rich and Famous? For my philanthropy.

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@incendiary_dan Same here. It would be nice to become famous for philosophy, but I’m not holding my breath.

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Writing, for sure.

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Creative endeavors of various kinds. Writing, art, and inventions. I’d be that eccentric famous person… the one no one ever sees in public. :)

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Lol @augustlan , me too, me too!

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Become a famous non anorexic model

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I’d be famous for winning the largest lottery in the history of the world—and giving away every dime of it to benefit others.

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If I had to choose to be famous and choose a way to be famous it would have to be as an anonymous identity. That way I wouldn’t have to deal with the many irate (apparently for their own stupid reasons) anti-fan stalkers trying to put an end to my many wonderful invigorating celebritoratative objectives. Yep, I’d have to be anonymous.

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