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What were some of your favourite toys when you were a child?

Asked by ucme (46816points) January 14th, 2011

Suprised this hasn’t been asked already. At least it didn’t indicate as much at the time of asking. Anyway, we move on. Pretty straightforward stuff, requires no further explanation as far as I can see. Now just answer the goddam question…..or not, as the case may very well be =) Oops, should really tell what my personal fave was. Yeah, has to be my Action Man & various accessories…..tank, helicopter etc. I believe you yanks refer to him as Mr. Joe…..G I dunno XD

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Baseball bat with nails through it. jk

Legos all the way for me, I built and destroyed worlds.

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Baby dolls, Lincoln Logs and Legos.

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Legos, Barbies, Play-Dough. Things like that. I also had this stuffed toucan that I named Snuffy, if I remember correctly. I also really liked to play dress-up, so I had one of those chests that comes with different clothing in it.

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Beebee gun, sling shot, bow and arrow, gas powered air plane.

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Ha-ha! He was called G.I. Joe. I actually have one – the company put out one for collectors in the mid-80’s. Got one for each of my sons, too. My favorite toy was a Betty Crocker Junior Baking Set. It was great! You could make hockey-puck cakes and cardboard tasting pies, potato-chip style cookies, and pretty decent pancakes.

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Legos. Hell, I still play with Legos. Also, Nerf guns (which I still play with as well with my college buddies).

I also really liked model rockets, Micro Machines, Mighty Max playsets, K’nex, Lincoln Logs, and anything train related.

I should have been an engineer

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K’nex and marbles. I had a marble collection of ~700, and I had some sets for building marble runs. Mostly, I just really liked building things.

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Ok, here are a few from my era:

How many of y’all out there remember those football games that had a metal playing field with a vibrator underneath to move the guys around?

How about “Rock-em Sock-em Robots”?

Stretch Armstrong

But really my most favorite of all were:

My guitar and my TRS-80 model 1 computer (with 16K of RAM!)

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Tinker toys and Lincoln logs

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Barbies and dirt.;)

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Oh, I just remembered…

How about “creepy crawlers”. This was back in the good old days when you you had to bake them in a device sure to give Ralph Nader a coronary. I think they have a newer version these days that air dry in plastic molds.

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Oh, yeah! I had a creepy crawler set! I don’t know what it was, but baking up bugs was absolutely fascinating.

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@YoBob my brother had one of the older versions of the “creepy crawlers” set, and it smelled awful. We had to air out the house after he was done playing with it so our rooms wouldn’t reek of burnt plastic. It was pretty cool, though.

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My absolute favorite was my bike! My brother and I would build ramps and go at it all day…We used to build tree houses (sort of) and spend all day up in the tree. My favorite girly toy would have to be the Barbie mansion my uncle got me for christmas one year…even came with a barbie car

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Lego, of course – I made my own Star Wars vehicles. I loved Zoids (AWESOME! My parents bought me Zoidzilla one Christmas, and I accidentally melted one side of its head by making him walk across the fireplace in front of a lit fire. It was, of course, battle damage).

My favourie ‘toy’ line inasmuch as, ironically, they were bought complete and ready to go; unalterable was the first set of Transformers. I didn’t have loads of them, but I had the ones I wanted and collected the comics in the UK from issue #1.

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@lucillelucillelucille Nice combo, she is a filthy harlot….... fun gal that barbie :¬)

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@Vunessuh I didn’t know anyone else played with Pogs! I’m freaking out a little because my dad did some silkscreen type designs for the prototype ones, and he brought some home. I always assumed it was just a game he made up…crazy!

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I forgot about POGS! I used to have so many…I wonder what happened to them all…

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Easy Bake Oven (food cooked by a light bulb) still makes me crave undercooked chocolate cake.

Had Creepy Crawlers but my neighbor had the same thing that made little army men that I envied.

Loved EtchASketch and used to clear the entire screen to see how the mechanism worked.

We used to play who-could-throw-malibu-barbie-the-farthest (clearly NOT a fav).

But my very best was an Erector Set that came in a metal box with little cubbies for all the various pieces. I made anything I could imagine that I might want to play with! Bought it at a garage sale with my own money—best gift ever!

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Rope. I was real good at hog tying up my sisters and brother.

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Little green army men.

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Model trains. : ))

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what about a wood burning set?

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Saint Seiya! also known as Knights of the Zodiac. Transformers, G.I.Joe. Too many to remember. I am grateful that I had the chance to have a lot of toys when I was a kid.

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Oh hell, how could I forget about green plastic army men?!

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Christmas 1962 – Robot Commando- a 3 foot high robot that shot missiles out of its head and threw ping pong balls from its arms, and walked forwards and backwards. it would be considered dangerous now

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Sticks were pretty fun, they came in all sharpes and sizes in the woods.

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We played outside when I was young. The most important thing was a bike. Everything else was unimportant.

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Bike in the summer, board games in the winter.

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I liked Hot Wheels, K’nex, the Easy Bake oven, stuffed animals, and board games. As I got to the tween age, I became obsessed with electronic circuit kits like this one.

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@aprilsimnel Man, I had forgotten all about Spirograph!

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@DominicX Hahahaha I have that! I still use it sometimes

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@Mariah I’d still use it if I wasn’t missing so many of the parts. :P

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@DominicX, dude, I had an Easy Bake too. *brofist

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I always wanted and Easy-bake Oven :-(

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@wilma – My guardian had me cooking and baking on a real stove and oven starting at 6. “Easy-Bake”, my aunt Fanny. :/ I liked toys that were in no conceivable way domestic. Baby dolls and fake kitchens and all that were RIGHT OUT!

Sit ‘n Spin, FTW!

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@aprilsimnel my mom had me baking with the real oven very early as well. That is why I didn’t get the Easy-bake she said, “you don’t need that you’re already doing the real thing!” :-(

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@wilma – Aw, gee! That’s too bad. :(

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F’n Hot Wheels, bro.

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I loved dolls, the ones that looked like real babies. When I was 11 yrs old I asked for one for Christmas and my Mom siad, “Don’t you think you’re getting a little too old for dolls?” I said no of course! It was the first instance I remember of not liking to grow up. She got me a doll anyways and I loved it.
Other favorites were my Easy Bake Oven. My sister and I spent hours concocting our own recipes.
Then I had the Betsy McCall Fashion Design kit. It was a lightbox with sheets of tracing paper full of collars, sleeves and other clothing parts that you traced over the paper doll figure then colored in.

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I likes guns, cars, airplanes and tanks. These toys are my favorite in my child hood.

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