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Name one thing you can't leave home without?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3376points) January 14th, 2011

Chances are, forgetting things like your wallet or car keys (maybe even your phone) at home causes you to panic and feel strange for the rest of the day. But what other items do you consider necessary to carry with you?

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I will go first! I can’t leave home without a hair tie around my wrist, because my hair can get messy really quickly. I also carry a tiny flashlight with me, just in case. I tend to carry more with me than I need to be prepared for the unknown and unlikely.

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I’ve got a little make up bag filled with things like: extra ear buds, a tampon, hair clip, chap stick, lip gloss, a pen, eye drops, nose spray, hand sanitizer. I also almost always grab my: glasses, tissues, sun glasses, and calendar.

like @etignotasanimum I also always have at least one hair thing around my wrist

ohh! and bandaides in my wallet, always.

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Chapstick. You never know when you’ll need to kiss somebody.

Any takers? ;-)

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My leatherman multipurpose tool, or one of my swiss army knives.

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My purse! The girls nowadays don’t carry them anymore, which puzzles me. Where do they put their wallet, lipstick, car keys, checkbook, cell phone, etc. Do they really have that many pockets?

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A kiss from the kids…..doh, I know that’s not exactly what was meant but hey, it’s true :¬)

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A spatula.

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Besides my wallet and keys, there is nothing else that I cannot leave my home without. I do like to have a lipstick with me so my lips don’t dry, and my phone is nice, just in case. But, neither would be worrisome to me if I did not have them with me for a few hours.

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@Skaggfacemutt: I’m guilty of being the girl who has multiple bags, or none! If I’m just running out, I have a wallet that is clipped onto my keys with just the necessities (cash, credit cards, debit cards, insurance card, license, emergency credit cards) and my phone!

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Wallet, keys, phone. That’s it.

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My phone.

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I usually carry a bag full of various gear: flashlight, mini first aid kit, mylar emergency blankets, a knife, a multi-tool, 50 yards or so of nylon parachute cord, a WD-40 pen, and some fishing hooks. That doesn’t include the stuff in my pockets, which includes a Swiss army knife, pepper spray, one or two butane lighters, my cell phone, and a collapsible tooth brush. I sometimes feel amiss if I forget things.

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I can’t leave home without my squishy winkin :)


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Eye drops. For whatever reason my eyes are always red…

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My iPod touch. I don’t have a cell phone, so it’s the only way someone can get ahold of me when I’m not home (email or Google Voice). Plus, it has my calendar, notes, to-do list, language dictionaries, contacts, the books I’m currently reading, movies, a web browser, oh and music of course.

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By the way, none of that even comes close to the bag I have in my car most of the time. If I suddenly ran out of gas in a deserted forest with no cell phone signal, I’d be able to set up a Robinson Crusoe type camp with all the stuff in there. :)

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My CZ 75 Compact .40 calibre pistol with the concealable shoulder holster. : )

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My “Get Out of Jail Free” card. You just never know when you might need it.

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at least 10 grand in cash.

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My car. ;-)

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My Gerber pocket knife or my Surefire flashlight. These two simple tools have saved my ass on so many occasions, I feel naked if I go out without them.

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Men are so cute with their boyscout stash. haha

My ex boyfriend gave me a flare gun and a million candle power floodlight. Okay, thanks…but….could you have made it pink or something?

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Really, for me, it’s just the wallet, keys, and phone. Anything else can be left at home.

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I have left home without just about everything on the above lists, except clothes.

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@CaptainHarley The only person that needs to know about that is the bad guy that won’t go away. And he only needs to know for half a second.

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Men are so cute with their boyscout stash. haha

Oh really?

Guess I shouldn’t let you see me in my bandanna, then

hubba hubba

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House keys. Otherwise how would I get back in again?

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Hahaha, oooh baby, hubba hubba.

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damn restraining order!

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LOL! Something like that, yes! : )

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I always have my phone, keys, wallet, knife, and iPod on me when I leave the house.

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My little ritual before leaving the house is “wallet, phone, glasses, keys.” If I have them, I can get whatever else I need.

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Everyday I have my wallet, keys, phone, swiss army knife (the toothpick to every other tool use ratio is becoming ridiculous) and a little metal tub of vaseline. Everything else I own could be in Norway for all I know but that’s my 24/7 kit.

@filmfann And they call this a democracy? More like a dirty lie! 0_0

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@Nially_Bob swiss army knife (the toothpick to every other tool use ratio is becoming ridiculous)

I know, right? I’m using the toothpick right now.

Ever hear the saying “democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner”?

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There’s no way for me to only choose one, so I’m going to say: my purse.

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My museum? Haha…... :)

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iPod. I walk through shifty parts of my city and glare at anyone who even looks at me. Mess with my iPod, mess with me and you die.

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@IHateMusic, but… but… but… you hate music!

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I hate food too, but I need both to live.

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@IHateMusic, whoa… interesting reply.

I have but one thing to say….


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I agree with @Samantha_Rae. In high school I had the perfect sized bag with everything I needed, it was great. But then the zipper broke and I haven’t replaced it yet…I really should get on that.

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A visit to the loo. Even if I don’t really need to go. Remember parents when you tell your kids to go before you leave the house, you are conditioning them.

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