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I need help planning a fun and romantic birthday for my BF any suggestions?

Asked by redhotgenie (8points) January 14th, 2011 from iPhone

My BF’s b-day is next week Sunday and I have no idea what to do. We’ve been together for 5yrs and every year I take him out to dinner or a weekend getaway trip. This year I feel like we’ve done it all. Plus I’m on a limited budget this month and I can’t go all out as I usually do, but I would like to make it special for him.

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Why don’t you prepare a special dinner at home for him with all of his favorites?

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My romantic ‘specialty’ is an indoor picnic.

Candles, nice music, low lights, a spread or bamboo beach mats on the floor.

Champagne or wine, all kinds of seductive goodies, breads, dips, olives, salami, cheeses, fruit, chocolate strawberries, cheesecake. The BEST!

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If you can’t afford to take a trip away, is there a fancy or cool hotel in your town that you guys could spend just one night ordering in room service and enjoying the, ahem, exotic movies on the TV?

Do you live near any mountains? Maybe you could spend the night in a cabin, or just drive up to the snow for the day and have a picnic.

Are there any lakes near your house? Most of the ones around here have canoes and peddle boats that you can rent. Bring along a picnic.

Go to the fanciest restaurant in your town, or the next town over and just have dessert.

Go ice skating and then go out for hot cocoa.

Go to a professional photographer and have some romantic pictures taken of the 2 of you.

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Thank you all great suggestions..Our anniversary was 2 months ago and I cooked dinner for him, made all his favorites, candle lights, rose petals, lingerie etc…over the holidays we took a trip to the catskills and we practically dine out every weekend. I really wanted to do something different this year.

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Do you mind telling us where you live (general area) and that way we might be able to come up with some better ideas?

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Gift him a photo shoot. Like of those model-photographers do. The two of you could be in it. That would be different.
Or book two nights in a hotel (like a honeymoon suite, candles, rose petals, the works!) and make love! :-)
Order a pizza, sit on the couch and play his favorite video game. But this time you play it WITH him. I love it when my girlfriend shows interest when I’m playing and she plays with me too.
You could also keep it just indoors. Get a nice cake, order some food, watch a movie, etc… (if low-key is your thing)

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… you could turn your living room into a Japanese restaurant… an ex-boyfriend once drew Japanese symbols and pictures on rolls of white paper, cut them into long pieces… and hung them from the ceiling in a rectangle (like a third of the way from the edges of the room…if you see what I mean…:-/) to make an enclosure… He then set up a very low table in the centre, cushions on floor etc… and voila!

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How much money are you budgeting for the “event.”?

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I’m in the NYC area and my budget is about 400.00

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I was once taken for a picnic, in the dark, with lots of candles. It was cold but we were well dressed and it was great fun and it kept the champagne cool! If you can find somewhere isolated all the better and perhaps you could even have a portable bbq. Getting cold is great because warming up back at home is wonderful. Peace, quiet and darkness inspire conversation and that is always sexy – as long as you pretty much agree with everything that he says – just this once!

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