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Does it mean anything if a guy really wants you to listen to a song (male opinions wanted)

Asked by remambermee (442points) January 14th, 2011

We were sharing headphones and I took the earbud out and the guy was like “no keep it in, I want you to listen to this song” and it was Jason Derulo – skys the limit…
Am I just thinking too much into this?

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Well, I, a fellow lover of music often try to entice others into listening to songs and what not, but do you feel interested in him and he has an idea of it? Because that could mean something to him. Like, if he knew and kind of liked you to. Maybe he’s trying to get your attention. Who knows? I guess you’d be the most educated guess, since, well it did happen to you. ;)

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I’m thinking of the time my best (male) friend from college tried to turn me on to Hüsker Dü ... I didn’t see what he liked in them, but we’re still close friends.

Some young guys bond with each other thru music. If he wants to share his musical tastes with you, it could mean that his interest in you is not merely physical. Maybe. Think positive!

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Just sharing earbuds with you is pretty personal. Is he a shy guy? Does he date much? Sounds like he likes you.

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Sounds like he wants to get you In the dark!! :-/

And freeze the moment.. he’s hitting on you through he song but he’s too shy to come out & say It.
He’s waiting for some acceptance from you.. in that you understand his little subliminal message!! Good look! :-/

If you like him like that…. if not, then stop sharing earbuds….... ;-)

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He likes youuuuu. :)
My boy did this a few times before. The few months before we started dating we were getting kinda close hanging out often, and a a few times he would purposely distract me from whatever i was doing and start singing along with stevie wonder and dean martin songs… back then I just thought he was being cheesy, but now those songs are some of our favourite “special songs”

he likes youuuuu!

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Dude honestly, I can’t really say if the guy Likes you or not, but one word of advice is don’t accuse him of being gay for sharing an ear bud with you and some music. Music is harmless and helps me with certain things (thinking on homework,poetry and a bunch of others stuff) I just have a feeling he just wants you to hear the song and see what you think in your own opinion.

My friend Eric does that to me, but I don’t have a feeling he’s attracted to me since he has a Girl friend and flirts with other gals (but I can’t say for him since I am not him)

Man all I got to say is…...“Enjoy the music!” hope this helped :)

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