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Would banning larger clips for pistols really make a difference at all?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) January 15th, 2011

Would a ban on how large a clip you can have really change anything? Every time something happens they say ban guns that can fire X amount of bullets in X amount of time, or outlaw clips bigger than X. If you have one of these “Lone Wolves” (many whom purchased their weapons legally) would banning larger clips or certain guns really stop them? If they know they can’t have clips bigger than 10 bullets what stops them from practicing quick reloads so they can eject a spent clip, reload and cock in 5 seconds or just wait until they can have 5 to 7 pistols on them when they start the carnage so by the time they do need to reload they would have shot or scattered anyone close? Is ”lets ban larger clips” just a bunch of smoke and mirrors?

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Yes and No…..How much is too much? 33 round clip…50 round clip….100 round clip….belt fed handgun…..The size of the clip is a small piece of a larger problem…...With gun issues you need to start small and work your way up…...or we could wait until we get to the point where some people are leaving their houses looking like rambo…..because it’s their “right” to….….and let this spiral to the point of absurdity….

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I’m looking at this from another direction. As an engineer I know the difficulties in desiging an extended capacity magazine. The spring mechanism must be precisely designed to keep the feed tension relatively constant from first round to last. That gets more and more is difficult as the capacity increases, making it more likely to have a feed failure causing the gun to jam.
I want the nutcase to think only one magazine is enough and to not bother carrying a spare. With one mag if he has a misfire or a jam he will be less able to clear it before being stopped. If he has several magazines with him he can pop out the jammed one and pop in a new one.
A large magazine is more difficult to hide as well.

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Yes. Many of these shoot em up rage fests of late, the shooter made a recent purchase at a gun store. Guns are not cheap, clips are. So making low capacity clips only would force the shooter to buy more clips and leave him/her vulnerable during reloads or then have to buy more guns which they may be able to afford.

This last nut job was able to fire off some 30 plus rounds before he had to re-load at when he was tackled and subdued during the process. Only having low capacity clips would have save a few lives last week.

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Just so we state accurate information, the AZ shooter did not have a 30+ round “clip.” He had a 30 round “magazines as @worriedguy talked about. I am only bringing this up because no matter what side of the fence you are on, accurate information is key.

Clips hold ammo together and the then the ammo is feed into the gun where an internal magazine is located. Usually. The Glock that the AZ shooter used had an external magazine that can be changed in about 2 seconds or less. If well practiced.

Sorry, carry on.

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@missingbite is completely correct…please replace the word “clip” for “magazine” in my answer above and have a nice day! This guy here will back up @missingbite!

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No matter the official nominclature it won’t make much difference he/she will figure they will have to train on clearing jams better or faster, be quicker at reloading, better at hiding more magazines then a few larger ones, or save their bucks, or write some hot checks, or go to a gun show to buy them some extra for a quick change or backup in case of a jam and the cap popping will go on anyhow with red flowing down the storm drain. If they want to do it bad enough by gum, they will figure out how to get pass some paper tiger ban.

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who out there says magazines are cheap? Because I’d like to know where he’s getting his. A 30 rd mag for a Glock I’m sure is more costly than a 10 or 15. Let’s say a ban is successful on the Hi Cap mags and the 10’s are the biggest available. History will repeat itself and there will be another mass shooting and the perp will have many 10 rounders and many people will die. How many dead is really too many, to say it would’ve been worse if he had a 30 rounder at the time? What then? Do we then say we should reduce the amount to 8 rds, or 6, or 5? Or wait let’s just make the whole ownership of guns forbidden to all those who obey laws? There we fixed it. Of course that is ridiculous and will never fly in a free society. It’s been experiment with in other places and in other countries.Did the Virginia Tech killer have a 30 rd mag in his gun? Nope I don’t think he did, but he never the less was brutally effective shooting all those people, like sitting ducks, in a gun free zone.

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