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I want a program to record all that happens on my pc...(read details)

Asked by yoyoo29 (71points) January 15th, 2011

I want a program to record all that happens on my pc but without knowing the person who using pc because i want to see what he do on my pc.Can help me?

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Buy a keylogger. If my sources were any good, you can buy a bit of hardware that goes between the keyboard and the computer, and will save a given number of keystrokes for later inspection.

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Try Cisco Network Magic! With it, you can take real time desktop screenshots of the PC on another PC… It’s actually pretty cool…. Although you’ll have to keep taking screenshots really fast to see what he’s upto, in quick succession. Its a shame they dont provide real-time video monitoring of the desktop…

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You can do real time video monitoring of the desktop with a VNC Server program on the target computer and a VNC Viewer program on another machine.

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keyloggers are awesome!

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Depending on where you’re located they can be illegal, too. Even if you’re using it to keep track of your spouse’s infidelities.

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