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What is the crime of heresy ?

Asked by Julietxx3 (712points) January 15th, 2011

I have a test coming up and i have to know what the Crime of Heresy is. I think it may have to do with religion.. but I’m not sure… I tried Google but nothing comes up.

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What is heresy? If you were the Church, why would you have a problem with it? Are you by chance studying the Spanish Inquisition?

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google heretic. I googled heresy and found it.

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for the most part, it is when someone says something that conflicts with Church beliefs.
Galileo was convicted of heresy for saying the Earth is not the center of the universe.

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@filmfann thank you so much for actually answering my question ! this helped so much !! ( :

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Your tired Google? Not well. Start with this Wikipedia article.

Also, @filmfann gave you a very helpful definition and a historic example.

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Heresy could be punishable by death in some cases.

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Heresy.. the word originates from the Greek “Hairesis” which means “taking / Chosing”.
It is an opinion of an individual that enters into conflict with an institutionalised though or belief system.
Really the word confirms relativity. It used to be punishable with death.
Now, though the word is not used to indicate those who are “guilty” of it, it is denigrated via the media, most likely. Or worse by the hostility of deeply embedded public “thought” or “opinion”. I put these two words in quotation marks because unfortunately the masses do not realise that their concept of right or wrong are generally indoctrinated.
A heretic is one who does not accept brainwashing and communicates his/her antithesis to the world.. that is, before getting caught.

It was considered a crime because it was a threat to institutions that could maintain a certain “order”. (again I use the brackets because the order was kept to their own benefit only, most of the times it occurred throughout history).

Shortly: Heresy = No mainstream dogmas

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heresy is that which your particular religion does not accept as truth.

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@kess Not only concerning religion though, mate.. even in politics you could’ve been considered a heretic. (of course, it’s also true that politics and religion go hand in hand down the aisles of history..)

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It’s a crime only when there’s a law against it. In U.S. society there is (so far) no law against having beliefs different from your neighbors’. The OP is asking about a crime. It is or has been a punishable crime in certain societies now or in the past.

The OP might have posed a clearer question by telling us what subject her test is in; most likely it is European history.

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I already got my answer… but thanks. oh and @marinelife .. wiki answers are valid sources. thats why i never use it.

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@Julietxx3 I was just suggesting that you use it as background.

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