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If your cat finds a mouse inside the house and you find a hole in a closet where it enters, will you become infested?

Asked by Aster (18313points) January 15th, 2011

This is Not my house! And I do not have a cat. But I was wondering whether all homes in which the owner(s) has found a dead mouse in their cat’s mouth and how it entered via a closet hole that leads to the outdoors will soon be infested with mice? Or do many people just live with a handful of mice year after year and it never gets bad? I am talking about people who refuse to hire an exterminator.

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Mice quake in fear of my cats. In the fall, I find the dead bodies neatly lined up on the doormat, heads all facing the same direction. Some weeks, I cannot keep up with the demand for body bags. It is true that fat cats make better mousers, but not true that declawed cats can’t hunt.

It takes an opening of 3/8” for a mouse to get in your house. My mother-in-law swore they came in pairs. They come in for heat, food and water. Rodents of any sort make me psycho. This is why I own three cats. I could not imagine putting up with having mice in the house.

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I’m sorry to say this but the odds of you having just one are very small. Mice come in for warmth and food and invite their friends by leaving a trail of pee that other can follow. The markings are visible under ultraviolet light (UV-B) if you have the equipment.
I know this will mark me as a violent criminal in some people’s eyes but you need to do something decisively and quickly. I’d set out at least 8 traps baited with sunflower seeds. It will cost you about $3 and is well worth the effort.
That mouse has already sent out a party invitation to all its friends on its MouseBook page. Mice reproduce quickly. Don’t wait.

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I do not have any mice, @worriedguy . It was a hypothetical ! If I had any I’d get a bunch of cats.

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Whew! I guess that’s why they call me @worriedguy !

(The advice is still valid if you ever see “one”.)
I have allergies and a super air cleaning system. The cats would defeat the purpose. I’d much rather use $3 worth of Victor traps.

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So the q was: if someone sees one and does nothing, is it definite that the house will become infested?

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@worriedguy : do you have tiny plasma based security fences to keep the rodents out? You’re a scary dude and I find myself eerily fascinated by that. I’m on my way over to watch invaders be flash burned at your house. I’ll bring brie and brandy.

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@Aster – If you see one, you already are infested. So, if you do nothing, it will stay that way. And it’s a pain to deal with.

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By infested I mean if ignored will the house have hundreds of mice within the year?

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Hundreds? That I don’t know. Hmmm.

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Dozens? lolol

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“If ignored will the house have hundreds of mice within the year?” “Dozens?”

The invite it out and the party’s started.
My answer is “Yes!”

@JilltheTooth While in another country, I used a HeNe laser set just above the carpet to trigger an electric, full auto BB gun that fired 6 mm, 0.25 g BBs at 360 rpm, to assassinate Japanese cockroaches foolish enough to enter my home and walk across the beam. It was effective but, disgusting.

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@worriedguy : Wouldn’t a Gamma ray burst have been a little neater? Oh, wait, cockroaches. Never mind.

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It could happen. You just have to take care of it when it does.

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@JilltheTooth Actually 300ms of 50W UV-C would work but it yellows the carpet and ages the paint.

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