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Want to see moon and Mars tonight very near each other?

Asked by gailcalled (54570points) April 11th, 2008

Best siting in PDT, but still a nice sight. (Clear skies needed.)

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@gailcalled, thanks so much. I love this stuff, but I rarely think to check and I end up missing good viewings. I appreciate the head’s up. Have a great weekend.

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thankyou gail! I will def check it out.

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I love astronomical sightings! Thanks for the alert. I remember seeing the total lunar eclipse about a month ago, and that was beautiful.

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We had thunderstorms last night, so I wasn’t able to see it.. drat!!
@gail since we share interest in astronomay I thought you might find this interesting. The latest news I got from them in my e-amail is that they have discovered a new planet in Leo.

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Cloudy here, too. Thanks, scamp. I get all the ast. news from various sources. Over 250 planets or planet-like things have been found…none, as yet, duplicating the features found on earth that enable life, as we know and define it, to deveop yet. Maybe there are methane breathing creatures out there w. very good sunblock (S 2500)?

The NASA and Hubble sites have wonderful deep-space images of miraculous things.

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Ugh, my spelling! I had a rough night last night, so I am just waking up. I meant to say we share interest in astronoMY, not astrono*MAY*. Duh!!

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May the force be with you. g

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