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Do you think that when you're looking for a job and the person says, "Sorry, we're out of applications" mean they're not interested in hiring you?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) January 15th, 2011

I went to Denny’s and a small bakery and they both said the same thing. :-/

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I think they may just have had a run on applications. Did you ask when you might come back and get one?

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Where I work, we actually do run out of paper applications very fast. Go onto the website, print one out, fill it out and bring it back in.

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I also work at a place where we get a bunch of applicants and often run out of applications. Sometimes the business office is closed and no one on shift can get behind locked doors to get more. Other times a newer employee might not know where extras are stored. Go back to any place you think you like and keep asking. Once you turn in your apps then go back in a few days and ask to speak to whoever the person is who reads the apps so they see you in person even if to tell you they aren’t hiring at present but will keep your app. on file.

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Could be genuine, although may have a similar meaning to the dreaded “Thank you for your time, we’ll let you know.” Yeah, I think you already did :¬(

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I think they just ran out. If they didn’t like you they could simply toss the application.

When you asked for the application were you dressed like you really meant it?

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I was dressed very casual, nothing crazy. Just a pair of jeans and a blank white t-shirt.
I did ask, they all said next week.
I’m guessing I’ll apply at Denny’s because the Bakery wanted a “Baker’s assistance” and I’m only going to be seveteen.
What do you guys think?

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I would take it to mean they’ve had so many applications they’re not taking any more.

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The baker’s assistant position will probably be filled by someone in a culinary arts program. At least, they are around here.

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I’d guess they are actually out of applications, and they may seem appathetic about it b/c . . . they are out, meaning they have 10 thousand million to shuffle through already.

And for jobs like Denny’s, there are probably many candidates who already applied who are qualified.

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