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What does it mean when only one of your ears get red and hot ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) January 15th, 2011

Has this ever happened to you, and what does it mean ?

When one, or maybe both, gets hot and red for no reason ?

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Have you been laying on one side in bed for awhile?

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No, It kind of happens sometimes out of no where and unexpected.

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Here are a lot of potential answers and a lot of people suffering from what you describe.

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It means you’re really horny.

Just kidding, happens to me randomly all the time. My dad calls it “a case of the hot-ears.”

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isnt there some idion about people speaking about you + the ears?

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Left for love and right for spite!!

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When that happens to me, it usually means I touched something and then touched that ear and had an allergic reaction. Just try wiping it with a little soap and water and see it that makes it go away. Could also be a bug bite.

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It means people are talking about you behind your back. I get this a lot usually at work, people will be talking about me just out of ear shot and i’ll yell “hey, shut the fuck up.. my ears are burning”

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