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What has happened to all the milkman deliveries?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) January 15th, 2011

I just realized that I have not seen a delivery milk truck in the last five years. Do they still exist? I am talking about milk delivery to your house, not to the grocery stores. Question: has home delivery of milk become extinct?

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I imagine that they’ve been going away with small-scale dairies. Also, gasoline costs a lot more than it did five years ago, so if you operate a low-profit delivery service, you may have decided to just throw in the towel.

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Our milkman retired about 10 years ago. Sad. It was a part of rural America.

(He was ill and the last year he just continued to deliver without picking up orders or ever sending anyone a bill. My neighbors and I just estimated what we thought we owed and put the cash in the box.)
We still have the milk box.

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I figure it’s a lot cheaper to deliver one giant delivery to the grocery store than it is to make many throughout a neighborhood and most companies/business people these days go for cheaper.

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The Milkman was great for the elderly who could not drive, or homes that had only one car, or anyone snowbound or too lazy to drive the 8 miles into town. One visit from “Doug the Milkman” would bring eggs, butter, milk, juice to everyone on the road. That saved a lot of people the effort of cleaning snow off their cars, scraping ice off the windows, and taking separate trips into town.

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My neighbor still uses a Milkman…bastard has the loudest truck and delivers at 4:30 AM!!

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It’s a boutique item. You aren’t going to get $1.99/gallon milk delivered. More like $6 plus a delivery fee.

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Cruiser, consider yourself a lucky person to still have milk delivery. i have a pair ear muffs you can have. john

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They, for the most part, have been gone for many years. During poor economic times, like we are having now, the service sector always is hit hard. People are going to buy milk, but not for the service to have it delivered.

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I haven’t seen one in years. They can’t compete with the cut-prices of the supermarkets round here. Also, anything left on a doorstep round here you can guarantee it’ll be stolen within 20 minutes. Especially in the mornings when kids are on the way to school. Back when I did have milk delivered, it would arrive after I’d gone to work, and by the time I got home at 6pm everything would be gone. And in the summer it had curdled in the heat.

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@john65pennington I had milk delivery as a kid and was so happy to see that it is still alive and well today….

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It’s been over for about 20 years in my area. The milk door built into the back of the house has become the cat door.

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