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Does anyone here play Minecraft?

Asked by TexasDude (25244points) January 15th, 2011

I’m well aware that I’m jumping on the Minecraft gravy-train long after it left the station, but still, this game is ridiculously addictive! I had seen hundreds of references to it online, so I recently decided “what the hell?” and purchased it.

Yeesh, it’s fun.

So anyway, I was wondering if any of you Jellies out there play or have played before and what type of play style you have. I typically build a massive, well-stocked fortress, and then fan out in every direction looking for epic caverns to find dungeons in. What do you do?

Do you build crazy structures or works of art that defy the laws of Earth-physics?

Do you build a city stocked with everything you need and then strap on your iron armor and explore the world by night?

Do you just aimlessly wander about the basically infinite game world?

Or do you cower in a hole at night while zombies, creepers, and skeletons groan and rattle outside your door?

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oh geeez, this guy won’t shut up about it.

I, myself, do not.

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@Axemusica, hmm, never seen him rave about it. Fluther search returns few results dealing with the subject.

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YES, a minecraft thread on fluther!
I started playing on Wednesday/Thursday and I haven’t stopped since.
I usually harvest resources such as coal, sand, dirt, wood, clay, bacon, etc to build tools or whatever at day and mine at night.
I’ll talk later in this thread. Brb, minecraft

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@Michael_Huntington, cool. It is quite addictive. I just realized that I have over 340 iron ingots, so I built a badass dueling track rollercoaster on a mountain outside my castle.

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My 10 year old little brother plays it.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That sounds awesome. I love watching Minecraft rollercoasters. I wonder if you can add any loops to it.

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@Michael_Huntington, it’s impossible to make loops as of yet, but that would be cool.

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wait a second. You can make rollercoasters?

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ok, after watching that, I’m thinking about playing now, lol.

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@Michael_Huntington, that video is what inspired me to build mine.

Mine is nowhere nearly as impressive, but I’ve probably not been playing as long as that guy. I love his wall of torches and hall of paintings, especially.

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Figure, I spend all day taking chunks of raw metal stock and a couple hundred lines worth of FANUC G-codes and turning them into useful things that some people are willing to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for. Now, if I don’t even feel like building myself a sandwich after doing that all day, why would I want to build something I can’t even touch?

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@jerv, if I don’t even feel like building myself a sandwich after doing that all day, why would I want to build something I can’t even touch?

I lol’d.

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Gonna take a break from Minecraft to play more TF2.
Spy sappin’ mah sentry!

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Well, I’m kind of addicted to the game, thanks to @Michael_Huntington, lol. We should try and get a fluther server set up and rock the minecraft world. I know I don’t have a powerful enough computer since I’m only on a laptop, but it does run the game just fine. Anyone know how we could make this happen?

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I dunno, but that would be awesome. Maybe @Michael_Huntington knows….

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I’ll purchase the game tomorrow I’ve been playing with a pirated copy
I’ll look at tutorials on how to make a server and hopefully will get one working.

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Awesome, thanks broseidon.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard No problem

I got some good news and bad news
The good news is that I finally figured out how to create a multiplayer minecraft server and I can get one running.
The bad news is that I can’t connect to my server online. However, many other people have the same problem (can’t connect to a server online). It’s probably because Notch is still migrating minecraft to a bigger server. Once that’s done, hopefully you guys and I can connect to my server and we’ll have a gigantic minecraft/fluther orgy.

I’ll keep you guys updated and I’ll do whatever I can to sort out this shit.

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Disregard the last post, the fluther server is up and running :D It’s a bit buggy, but so far so good.
Will PM the server’s IP address if anyone is interested.

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Neato, I’m totally down for this if it’s still up and running.

Probably my favorite thing to do in SP is create skybridges and then make floating islands off of them, kinda like this.

God damn, I have played far too many hours of this game.

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