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Where can I find a list of biblical demons?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23976points) January 15th, 2011

Preferably with accompanying images/descriptions?

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Never heard one mentioned by name that I can recall. Except for Lucifer or Satan and the words demons.
Which is pretty common knowledge just from the movies and such. There is another starting with a B but I just can’t think of it now. Some come names come from other cultures but which one is stricktly only from the bible, I really don’t know.
I usually don’t ask why the inquiry but I am curious as to why anyone would want to know.

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I don’t think that are many pictures available of the demons, but maybe here to start off. You have to scroll down to read about them, though, instead of about angels.

@Pandora: There are a few mentioned by name, such as Beelzebub and Legion.

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i would consult michelle belanger’s recently published ‘the dictionary of demons’ or ‘the encyclopedia of demons + demonology’ by rosemary ellen guiley. they are fairly exhaustive. there are other tomes + grimoires that contain more as well.

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@troubleinharlem That was the one I was trying to remember. Getting old. :( Didn’t know about the Legion one.

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@Pandora : It isn’t exactly the most… user friendly name, you know? xD

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oh…heres a reprint of an ancient text called ‘pseudomonarchia daemonum (1563)’ by johann weyer. it has illustrations + copy as well as some sigils/seals.

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I remember in the devils advocate Al Pacino playing Lucifer gave off a huge list of names for Satan.
He certainly played creepy well.

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@lilycoyote: thats a nice find! is it available in ebook format. the print versions are on the pricier side. looks to be a plethora of knowledge!

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About “Legion”—that’s not literally a name; that was the demons’ way of saying that there were many of them. That’s why they went into a whole herd of swine when they were cast out.

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@963chris I’ve never been exactly sure how much a plethora actually is, but the book is about a 1000 pages long… that’s got to be at least a plethora and a half if not several plethoras of knowledge. :-)

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is a comic/cartoon version of the book of revelations apocolypse. very well done, demons/creatures and everything. Very graphic at times though, just to warn ya.

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@Pandora Simple curiosity. :)

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Lilith…. is nuts. Crazy bitch.

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If you are looking for answers in the Hebrew, or Christian texts, you may find your self disappointed.

John Milton’s “Paradise Lost” is your best bet, although it is not canonical. The Qur’an is a more diverse concept of demon (typically Jinn which aren’t exactly demons). I believe Azazel is mentioned on occasion within Hebrew texts. However, most canonical scriptures mention very little about demons, and are more ambiguous with the titles. Even Satan was originally a title that mean “Adversary” which doesn’t so much embody demonology, but more like a prosecutor on the opposite side of a sort of heavenly courtroom if that makes sense. honestly demons as the understood today are best read about in the works of the aforementioned Milton’s “Paradise Lost”, most books by Alastair Crowley and “Dante’s Inferno”. Good luck with your search.

Anything in particulary you were hoping to do with this info? Some writing?

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Oh, and if it’s just a list your after try:

EDIT: Oops, anartist beat me there.

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