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Does anyone know of a good Arabic to English transliteration engine?

Asked by garydale (216points) January 15th, 2011

Important: I am not looking for a translation service like Google translator. I am looking for a service that will take Arabic script and show the Latin alphabet or IPA pronunciation of Arabic words, phrases and sentences for non-Arabic speakers, in particular English natives. I have searched this a bit on the internet but up until now, no dice. Can anyone help?

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If you need only a little done, I’d be happy to do it. Otherwise, Google Language does offer the option of of letting you listen to a recorded version of the translated text. You could conceivably transliterate it yourself.

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I really appreciate it but I would have far too much far too often to lean on you like that and I also notice that sometime Google Translation gets pronunciations wrong or unclear. So I am racking my brain a bit.

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In fact, the Arabic alphabet is quite simple to learn. Spend an hour or two on it every day for a week or two and you’ll have it down pat!

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