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What cuts of beef have more fat and marbling that are available to grocery shoppers?

Asked by talljasperman (21822points) January 15th, 2011

I like my Prime Rib… and I hate Sirloin… what other cuts of beef are available that taste good? How does one cook these cuts of beef to for maximum flavor… I like cooking with crock-pots and with the oven and electric frying pan, and with lots of butter and spice.

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Chuck steak, cheap as chips and tender as anything if you give it the time.
I buy rump for economy and T-bone if Im feeling narcissistic.

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If you can get a hold of the butcher, you might be able to get him to leave some of the fat on.

I’ve seen some pretty fatty briskets move through the meat department at work; you might try one of those. Top round, too, I think.

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rib eye is quite marbly

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I was going to say rib eye too…which is incidentally what I’m having for my tea…. :) I shall be grilling…just because it’s healthier though… :-(

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Top round…. (which I don’t like, I prefer sirloin)

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Choice cuts are more marbled.

BTW, good cuts of meat with lots of fat are not best cooked in crock pots. They are best cooked quickly (grilling or broiling) to retain the tenderness.

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I like rib eye and it has a lot of marbling and is very tender. The best way I know to cook steak is to pan fry or grill. Since grilling for me is seasonal I usually pan fry. I use a cast iron pan. Preheat until a drop of water sizzles. If your pan is seasoned (that is what you do with cast iron to make it nonstick) you don’t need any oil. Just sprinkle the pan with salt, not too heavy and throw in your steak. Sear it on high heat until it browns, then lower the temp until it’s cooked to your liking. I like mine medium rare so I only cook it for 3–4 minutes each side. With a steak which is fatty you really don’t need butter. Seasoning depends on your preference. I like some of the spice mixtures that give you that “blackened” steak flavor and appearance. One thing that is really good is a mixture with ground coffee in it. Sounds weird, but its good!

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Groundnut Oil is supposed to be good to use too… I’m trying it this evening…

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