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What beauty products do you swear by?

Asked by sliceswiththings (11661points) January 15th, 2011

Personally, I’m fed up with my face wash/foundation/eyeliner/everything else. What products do you absolutely love?

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I used to use M.A.C. products and Morbid eye shadows back in the day, worked great….but now I like the whole natural clean look, just a little cover up and I’m good. M.A.C.‘s foundation compacts work really well…doesn’t leave your skin feeling cakey.

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The Body Shop’s “Born Lippy” Lip Balm is the best beautyduct I have ever discovered.

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I have become a pretty big fan of Dream Matte Mousse…...and thats about it. Not even sure who makes it. I think Maybelline? I also like that pink and green mascara, also forget who makes it.

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@deni I think we all know what kind of make-up your talking about, but we don’t know the actual product names hahah…just thought what you said was funny.

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Blinc Kiss Me mascara
Blinc Kiss Me Lash Primer- Best mascara I have ever tried, never clumps, never runs.
Make sure to get the primer too. It works better with the lash primer. It’s worth the 2 step process for the results.

CamoCare Oil-free Toner -company is Akbit-This toner has a soothing effect on your skin. It’s non-drying and I love the camomile scent. When I price comparison shop on the internet I get it for as cheap as $6 a bottle. It’s a little hard to find in stores.

Almay Amazing Lasting Eye liner-it never stings and it really IS amazing lasting. Plus it’s cheap!

I also love St Ives Eye and Face Stress Gel. If you wake up with a little puffiness under your eyes you just put it on and let it dry. Goodbye puffy eyes! It is also amazingly cheap and can be used on all skin types. Last time I bought this at Walgreen’s. CVS used to carry it but doesn’t anymore.

Wish I could recommend a foundation but mine was discontinued and I haven’t found another for any price that I like as well. Plus, a lot depends on your skin type. I have oily skin that tends to be sensitive.

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I use Bonne Bell eye pencils. I’ve tried more expensive brands, but I haven’t been able to find one that I like better than these.

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I only use products that are paraben free. Paraben is a know Carcinogen but the FDA still allows it.
I am always looking for more paraben free cosmetic’s that are not over priced.

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Covergirl lipstick that I only have to put on 2x a day. It’s perfect.

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@deni, Ditto on the pink@green mascara. hehe
St. Ive’s apricot face scrub in mornings,
Neutrogena gentle foaming cleanser at night.
Neutrogena Anti-Acne moisturizer, or
Vaseline moisturizer with Aloe and vitamin E
Burts Bee’s for almost every other lip/body/hands/hair product.
Cosmetics – Etsy :)

I always check This before making an unusual purchase.

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Desert Essence Jojoba Oil (Trader Joe’s) for dry skin. It is the only product that keeps my skin from flaking like an alligator’s.

They have many appealing products online. I may try some.

Burt’s Bees products.

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This thing that essentially vacuums your skin to suck out all the gunk, and aspirin for treating blemishes and exfoliating.

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Shisedo black volumizing mascara,Shisedo creamy face cleanser

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The best I use is washing my face 3x a day with just cold water no soap.
Then I put on extra virgin olive oil on my face for 30min then wash off with cold water.
I have no lines or wrinkles so it must work..

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@Facade What?? A face vacuum?? Cool!

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Yes! I love it!

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Well not exactly “beauty” products as such, but I swear by ‘Sebamed’ products… They’re good for overall skincare and skin health…

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