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Would you vote on this marriage family name bill (details within)?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26811points) January 16th, 2011

If there was a bill introduced that would make it random who’s name the couple took in marriage of a coin toss; heads the groom’s family name, tails the bride’s family name. Would you vote for it? Or would you vote for it if there were some modifications and what modifications would you make to satisfy your vote for it?

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There is no reason to take the decision away from the couple – it’s their last name so they should be able to choose it. If they want to stick with tradition and use the groom’s last name, that’s their problem. Just as I wouldn’t like the chance of ending up with my husband’s last name in this little coin toss ‘cause I wouldn’t want to be thought of as someone who wanted to take her husband’s last name, whatsoever.

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It’s random now, in that the individuals get to choose. I know a couple that took her last name, obviously lots that took his, a bunch who hyphenated, and many that each kept their original names.

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Nope, people should do whatever they want in this regard. Duh

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No. Couples can use either or both names now.

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I specifically would not vote for it.

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I would vote against that idea. People should be free to choose whatever name they want.

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No, because there is a 50–50 chance (possibly more) that the outcome will be unfavorable to the couple.

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I would vote for the couple choosing as it is right now.

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Why suggest a bill like this? It’s not law that a new wife has to take her husband’s name, it’s just a convention that is slowly becoming less prevalent.

I agree with the above posters; couples should continue to be able to choose whether to change their names. I know of many cases where the woman has taken the man’s name, or added it to hers, or hyphenated. I know a few couples who’ve both changed their names to a hyphenated or combined version.

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I would vote no on this. It’s their choice as to what name to take, what’s the purpose of changing that? And there are no modifications that I can think of that would make me vote for it. Except bribery with a biiiiiiiig box of chocolate marshmallow pinwheel cookies.

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I agree with everyone else. A couple should have the choice of what to do with their name. If they both want to have the same last name and pick either his or hers, that’s their right. If they want to keep their own individual names, that’s their right too. If instead, they’d rather make up their own new last name for their family, that’s also their right. I’d rather not have anyone telling me or my children which name they must pick.

I know couples that take his name, I know couples that have taken her name, and I know couples that have kept their names from before marriage. Whatever works for them is all that matters.

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No. Both members of the marriage should have the right to choose which name they want. I still use my maiden name; I was 37 when I got married and was too used to it to bother changing it :>)

Also, referring to groom and bride could be seen as discriminatory to gay married couples.

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I would vote against it. There should not be any law requiring what name a couple takes.

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I would work against this law. There is no reason the government needs to involve itself in such decisions.

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No. Like @filmfann said, this is simply government overstepping its bounds. Who actually cares what name a couple takes tohether?

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@Seelix Actually, some states do automatically change a woman’s name to her husband’s when she marries, and if she wants to keep her name she needs to change it back. I always thought that was pretty fucked up.

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Why in the hell would you mandate this? This is none of the government’s business.

Are you a Republican, by chance?

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“Actually, some states do automatically change a woman’s name to her husband’s when she marries”

Wow- which states? I could guess…

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The goobermint should keep their laws off my body last name.

and pretty much everything else, for that matter.

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No, there is no reason for such a law. I like how the law was where I got married. The spouses could do any of the following:

(1) maintain their present last names (“Mr. Groom” and “Mrs. Bride”),
(2) both take the groom’s name (“Mr. and Mrs. Groom”),
(3) both take the bride’s name (“Mr. and Mrs. Bride”),
(4) swap their last names (“Mr. Bride” and “Mrs. Groom”),
(5) hyphenate their names (“Mr. and Mrs. Bride-Groom” or “Mr. and Mrs. Groom-Bride”), or
(6) create a conglomerate name (“Mr. and Mrs. Broom” or “Mr. and Mrs. Gride”).

Now those are options.

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@incendiary_dan – Really? I had no idea. I think we ought to work on getting that law thrown out before we start working toward a coin toss.

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