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How do I turn the address auto-complete function back on in Yahoo email?

Asked by occ (4036points) January 16th, 2011

Yahoo used to offer suggestions in auto complete for email addresses – I would start typing in a person’s name or the beginning of their email and it would finish it for me. For some reason about a week ago it stopped working. I’m still using the same browser. Now it does not provide the person’s email address when I begin typing their name. How do I turn it back on?

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I also use Yahoo email and I don’t see anything in the options to control that function.

The auto-complete function works for me, but the letter I type has to be the first letter of a name or address in my contact list, and the only address options listed are those in my contact list.

When you click on the “To” button for composing a new email, does it give you your contact list?

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It sounds like some bad Javascript in your browsers cache. I would try reloading the page where you expect it to work while holding down “Shift”. If that doesn’t work manually delete the cache. If you let me know what browser you use I will give you directions on how to do it.

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I agree with omph that it could be JavaScript related.

In preface to omph’s post about your JavaScript:

If you’re using Firefox, then go to the overhead Menu Bar at your email page, and then click on Tools > Options > Content, and ensure that the “Enable JavaScript” box is check-marked.

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