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Is there anything you own that you rarely use?...Want to sell?... How much?

Asked by ucme (46715points) January 16th, 2011

Yay…a triple play question, word! Yeah, does exactly what it says on the tin. Actually it’s just a bit of fun, hey it’s a hobby. Well, do you? Let’s negotiate here…I myself no longer require the services of my french maid, sloppy hygeine & all that. Opening bids….anyone? Hello, is there anybody out there?......=)

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Thighmaster…free for the taking!

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Aww, bless you for that, the thighs the limit eh? After careful consideration….you can keep it ;¬}

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A parrot that says “give me your hand” and then bites you and laughs, He cost me 800 euros, yours for free + a box of plasters no extra charge.

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@ucme You sure?? It’s practically brand new!!

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@Cruiser Throw in this little “sweetner” & we can talk.

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I would like to sell about sixty books that I have outgrown and don’t treasure, but I can’t sell them on eBay or anything, so I don’t know how in the world I’m going to get rid of these books without having to donate them to the library

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@poisonedantidote Don’t like parrots, they freak me out. Elton John has a cockatoo I hear, loves them he does.

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I don’t really use my dining table, seeing as how this house doesn’t technically have a dining room… How bout a buck?

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My dignity, I have no use for it any more. Bidding starts at 50cents. No reserve.

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@noelleptc Yeah I could err…..use those. I’d paint my lips so it looks like i’m always whistling :¬p

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@noelleptc Pink to make the boys wink… am I saying! XD

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@noelleptc Not the first time i’ve heard that & surely won’t be the last :¬)

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My American Psychological Association’s APA formating book

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My portable DVD/Cassette player with detachable speakers and 100’s and 100’s of pre-recorded DVD’s and Cassettes. I would love to sell it, and I want $500 as a valuable collector’s item.

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I have a nice, old (35+ years) Bose audio system that was given to me by a family friend years ago.

I originally planned to set it up in my studio I was building, but I never finished the studio.

I bet it sounds amazing. :^(
:: sigh ::

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