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Would someone please recommend a good Obedience trainer from So. California?

Asked by sccrowell (3508points) April 11th, 2008 from iPhone

I prefer to use one by word of mouth than to use the yellowpages. I thank you in advance!!

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Chuck Norris.

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ONLY, if he will promise NOT to teach them how to kick me!

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Hey@hairypalm, do you think he’ll let me borrow his truck or is it a jeep? Hmmmm…

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He uses his cheverlegs. But I’m sure he would train your dog if your dogs don’t die in his presence.

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They promise they will to bow down to him!

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I’m just going to take my puppy to petsmart when she gets a little older.

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If you’re in the San Diego area I highly recommend colleen Demmler with Pawtopia Training. I believe the URL is

IMO she is San Diego’s “Dog Whisperer”. She really help us with a leash agression issue with our otherwise super friendly dog.

PupnTaco's avatar – in Temecula wine country. Highly recommended.

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