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What razor do you use?

Asked by josie (28695points) January 16th, 2011

I sort of mean this as a guy question, but since women use razors as well, come one come all!
Anyway, what razor to you use. Brand name (I use Fusion), generic type (straight razor, electric), whatever.
Equally important-Why do you use what you use? (I think Fusion blades are really sharp when new, and I think it looks cool. But they are really expensive. I could be persuaded to change).

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I use Gillette Fusion also. I bought it because I wanted to understand the mechanism and study how it worked. It moves side-to-side 120 um (about 2 hair widths) at about 60 Hz. (I can’t remember the frequency) My unit vibrated about 5 degrees from the surface perpendicular to the handle.

If you do the math you will see your hand has to move very slowly indeed for it to actually approach a hair at an off angle. I rarely use the vibration now – why waste the battery?

The shave is so smooth when new it is amazing. And I like the back blade for sideburns. I use a blade until its so worn the lubricating edge is completely gone.
Cheap SOB.

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I just use the el cheapo generic two blade disposables, Bic i think.
They work fine for me as my facial hair is fairly soft and not to thick.
I have a mate who’s hair is so thick and fast, you can actually watch it grow on his face across the table over a few beers. Im pretty sure he has to fork out for top of the line gear to get the job done.

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This plus this plus this because I’m pretentious old-school shaving was a dying art that is starting to be revived. If it’s good enough for the Greatest Generation, it’s good enough for me.


I use a cheap electric shaver if I’ve been letting my beard grow for a while, though, because my facial hair is a thick, coarse, and wiry as the hair on a wild boar’s ass.
I haven’t shaved in almost two months, though… going for the mountain man look.

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I use clippers that are normally used to shave heads. I like some stubble.

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I don’t know what they are called but I use a razor that takes a double edged blade.
I’m all about danger and smoothness.XD

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danger and smoothness
Sounds like…. me.

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I have a Braun electric shaver. Although I’ll admit I almost never have to shave (that’s the beauty of being blond and twinkish). :P

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My main razor at the moment is a Thiers-Issard ‘Bijou de France’ straight razor, however I have several other straight razors that I use. I also have Merkur Heavy Duty DE safety razor that I use when I don’t have the time or feel up to using a straight.

For a very long time I was bothered with pretty bad acne. In my 20’s I started using a double edge safety razor (the same one I still use now) after some one suggested it would be less irritating to my skin than what ever multi-blade thing Gillette were selling at the time. After a couple of weeks I saw a massive improvement (no razor burn, no ingrowing hairs, less spots) and never looked back. After a couple of years I tried a straight razor just to see if I could do it, so to speak. I find that the amount of effort it takes to shave with it is actually quite therapeutic and the end result is a very smooth shave with zero irritation or ingrowing hairs.

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I use Venus razors for everything…I mean everything lol.. Works really well for me:)

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Tesco’s own brand… the cheap ‘Bic’ I call it…… I only shave my neck every other day as I’ve a full beard & tash… gotta keep the neck clean… I trim once a week with a Wahl beard trimmer! :-/

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Gillette Sensor 3’s work real well for me. Stay pretty sharp for a long while.

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M3 Power. I love the triple blade action but find that having more blades leads to a wider head that doesn’t follow my jaw all that well. As for the Power part, the ease and convenience of electric with the closeness of a blade makes the power handle a worthwhile upgrade.

@Lightlyseared I wish I could do that, but being prone to twitches and muscle spasms makes me nervous about using a straight razor.

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I use “preserve” triple blade from Whole Foods. The blades stay sharp a long time, despite a fairly coarse beard. But the secret to a smooth shave for me is good soap and hot hot hot water.

I use Weleda shaving cream, applied with a brush and hot water. Gets my face incredibly smooth and soft.

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I use the fusion as well. I feel it does the job well enough and I don’t feel the need to switch to anything else. Also, I have never cut my face using it, a plus. I tried an electric razor for awhile, but it just didn’t do a good job imho.

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@jerv yeah it don’t take much to really screw up with a straight razer.

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girl here I have used Gillette Daisy since middle school, so 20-ish years. Nothing at all special about them except that I get a close shave and I never cut myself with them. I have tried other razors – mostly kinds with excellent marketing – but I invariably return to the Daisy.

I always seem to cut myself with Bic and I won’t pay a lot to get a good shave when there is a cheaper option that works just as well.

Would love to see a man using a pink plastic razor with little flowers on it. ~

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@Supacase I know this is a guy thread, but I have a suggestion…when you shave your legs, don’t ever lift the razor up at the top of the stroke and then put it down at the bottom to start over. Keep it against your skin, scrape up, then push it back down, still on your skin, kind of like a scrubbing motion. I haven’t cut myself since I was told about this little secret! Ahem. Carry on men!

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