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How do I stop my icons from moving?

Asked by XOIIO (18243points) January 16th, 2011 from iPhone

On my laptop I have my icons arranged, and usually hooking up an external display to extend the screen works, but now it makes all the icons move out of place. When I use x-mouse to restore the layout the disappear. How do I stop them from moving?

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@omph Very well played sir! Very well done! Mods, don’t you dare remove this answer. It is absolutely brillian.

Although, my teacher can never, EVER get her mac hooked up to a projector. She got it 2 time out of basically 20 attempts.

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At this point I would usually recommend Fences. But while it works fine on my laptop (with which I do switch between the laptop screen and an external monitor) I’ve noticed that it does occasionally screw up with my desktop and leaves all the icons outside of the ‘fences’. Which is weird, because I never change the monitors on the desktop.

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I arrange my icons in the upper left to fit the smallest screen.

So my laptop is 1280×768. When I plug in into a 1280×1024 monitor, the bottom 256 pixels are empty.

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@mrentropy That looks great! I’ll have to give ita try.

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@mrentropy Ok, so I uninstalled the program, and now when I move icons they don’t snap into alignment, they just voerlap eachotherunless you place them just right. WTF?

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@XOIIO I’ve never uninstalled Fences, so I don’t know. It may have changed settings for how far apart the icons should sit. I’m not using Windows at the moment so… But, if you’re using Windows 7 try right clicking the desktop, choose Personalize. Choose Windows Color, choose Advanced appearance settings and see what that looks like.

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It didn’t work. This is really pissing me off.

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Finally found an option in the Right-Click menu

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@XOIIO I forgot that I did have to uninstall it once, but that didn’t happen to me. Maybe somebody introduced a bug to the version that you got. I forgot about the align to grid thing.

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Yeah, I’ll have to give fences another try.—I’m just gonna make one big one fir everything to test it.

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